Beverage Management

The Beverage Management Minor at MSU Denver offers an in-depth exploration of the global beverage industry, focusing on beers, wines, and spirits. The program is designed for students seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in beverage production, service, and management. This program combines both theoretical studies and practical application of beverage appreciation, service, and management. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will gain insights into the cultural, economic, and operational aspects of beverages, and the beverage industry.

Required Minor Courses (21 credits)

  • BVG 3010 Beers of the World 3 credits
  • BVG 3613 Wine Fundamentals 3 credits
  • BVG 3500 Bar and Beverage Operations 3 credits
  • BVG 3950 Beverage Promotion 3 credits

Select three of the following courses:

  • BVG 2015 Beverage Fundamentals 3 credits
  • RST 3000 Taste the World 3 credits
  • BVG 3750 Alcohol Beverage Law 3 credits
  • BVG 4010 Beer Styles & Service* 3 credits
  • BVG 4613 Wines of the Old World 3 credits
  • BVG 4623 Wines of the New World 3 credits
  • BVG 4950 Enology: The Making of Wine* 3 credits

*Course has prerequisites. Please consult MSU Denver catalog.

A grade of “C” or higher is required for required courses in this program to count toward the Minor. Students should note that programs throughout the University may have different minimum passing grade requirements.

Total for Minor: 21 credits

Curriculum Checklist

Beverage Management Minor