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Essential Program Features and FAQ's

  • Students are highly encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid representative to verify required policies and minimum credit allocations for financial aid.

  • Program acceptance would require students to have a Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally accredited University acceptable by MSU Denver, a minimum 3.0 GPA (in and out of major).

  • We encourage incoming students to have experience in the healthcare industry. Career changers with a demonstrated commitment to health care are also welcome.

  • Prior college level coursework is required in accounting, statistics, and economics. In lieu of this academic preparation, students can complete the requirements via Peregrine Academic Services (online learning modules) in addition to the core 40 credits. Additionally, experience with technology, computer applications, and applicable computer systems and applications are highly encouraged.

  • Students lacking required prerequisite coursework can apply to the MHA program for conditional acceptance.  Students will be granted official acceptance and permission to begin the MHA program once they successfully complete the required prerequisite courses with a “C” or better.

  • The 40-credit hour core program is comprised of online/hybrid classes. Each 8-week course in the MHA program combines an online and hybrid (minimum of two (2) meetings on the Auraria campus) delivery format. 

  • Courses will be eight weeks long to meet the needs of working adults.

  • Students in the MHA program who live at a distance will be able to attend hybrid course sessions utilizing BlackBoard (Bb) Collaborate. The student can download the Bb Collaborate application to their computer or device for free. Additionally, students will need a webcam, a stable internet connection (sufficient to stream videos) and a telephone nearby.  Our virtual class meetings will be scheduled (time/day) by the course instructor. Students will log on to the course in Bb and join the Collaborate session. They will be given a phone number to call in to get the audio portion of the class meeting. The video will come over the Internet and the audio through their phone. This dual-channel approach allows for real-time video between the instructor and the learner.

  • A graduate application and fee, resume, professional references, official transcripts, and a personal essay or video will be required for admission.

  • Prior to program entry students must sign a Criminal History Statement.

  • GRE, GMAT, or MAT testing is not required for admission to the MHA program.

  • Courses will be offered during fall, spring, and summer terms in a sequenced format.  Students will be accepted into the program in the fall and spring semesters for fall and spring start dates.

  • Students can transfer up to 9 credits hours of applicable graduate courses. (Note: Students with extensive health care knowledge can test out of courses based on successful completion of prior learning assessments (PLA). PLA credits count towards the 9 transfer credit hours.)

  • A PLA will be available for the below course. Prior learning assessments are charged 75% of the per credit hour rate. Financial Aid does not apply. Passing the PLA will count towards the 9 credit hours of transfer courses.

    • HCMM 5000 (3) Fundamentals of Health Care Systems and Organizational Structures
  • Students must successfully complete all courses comprising of 40 credit hours. MHA students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 in any academic term. Any student falling below a 3.0 in any given term will be placed on academic probation and be required to develop a remediation plan with an academic advisor for raising the GPA above 3.0.

  • Students who fail to raise their GPA over 3.0 after 15 credits will be dismissed from the program. No grade lower than a “B” counts toward degree completion. Students receiving a “C” or below will be required to repeat the course. Students must be aware that the sequential coursework policy will often require students to take time off to repeat the coursework. Students who do not successfully complete an MHA course with a “B” or better after the second attempt will be dismissed from the program.

  • It is highly recommended HCMM 5000 (3) Fundamentals of Health Care Systems and Organizational Structures is completed within the first eight weeks of starting the program.

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