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Image: house on Auraria's 9th Street Park during Springtime / Text: Registering for Classes? Look under our new major Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies (GWS)


COVID-19 Safety Precaution Announcements

For official University updates and resources, please visit the MSU Denver Corona Virus Update page as well as the resource documents page. Also see the College of Letters, Arts, & Sciences Online Class FAQ page for students.

Scholarship Tutoring During Campus Closure

GITA will continue to offer scholarship assistance virtually. If you are established with a scholarship tutor, please contact your tutor via email for further help. If you are in need of scholarship assistance, please contact Soj Sirivanchai (

Upcoming Events

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Our Spring events schedule has been placed on hold while the University works remotely. If you would like to collaborate with our team or have any burning ideas for events you'd like to see on campus in the future, please give us a shout!

To check out more of GITA's events and programming, visit our Events page

Course Highlight

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Here are three 1-credit summer courses that can help you improve some very important skills!

Time Management (1 credit), CRN 41570 

This course is designed to enable women and men to analyze their use of time, identify factors that contribute to wasting time, and improve the use of time through better prioritizing, scheduling, and increased motivation.

Stress Management (1 credit), CRN 41571

Instead of simply treating the symptoms of stress, this course will help students identify their own causes of stress and then deal with those causes prescriptively. 

Self-Esteem (1 credit), CRN 41572

This course will explore the issues of self-esteem within a feminist framework, including the effects of sexism on self-worth, the role of women in a sexist society, and the tools needed to survive with a strong self-image. 

Scholarship Highlight

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Centura Health Scholars Program (Due May 8th, 2020)

The Centura Health Scholars Program is a nine-month program beginning in Fall 2020. This program aims to prepare accepted students to transition from the classroom into meaningful careers at Centura Health. 

If accepted you'd receive:

  • Scholarship and stipends over Fall and Spring semester amounting to $5,000 
  • Proactive advising from a Health Career Navigator
  • Shadowing and career mentoring from an employee at Centura Health
  • Three credits by enrolling and successfully completing a class focused on Life Design curricula, building social capital, StrengthsFinder assessments, and more! 

Check out Centura Health Scholars Program Scholarship for more information and how to apply!

Our Program Options

GITA Logo: a brown fist in a power gesture, lavender nail paint and "GITA" tattooed on the wrist.
"As a first generation, nontraditional student it is my goal to graduate to improve my family’s quality of life. It is my dream to materialize my parents unachieved educational dreams and to provide a more stable environment for my child than the one I grew up in. I plan on doing this by working toward the empowerment of the Latinx and immigrant communities. GITA has been a welcoming space and an incredible support to my dreams. They have been an ally to my mission and an accomplice in my journey of strengthening my voice and empowering other by sharing my story. Thank You GITA!"

Angela Maria Ortiz Roa

- Student Testimony -

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