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The Enterprise Data Warehouse

About the EDW

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is the secured, centralized datastore for MSU Denver. It integrates data from sources across the university to support faculty and staff's reporting and analytical needs. Reporting from the EDW allows for easy accessibility and sharing of data as well as consistent reporting across the university.

Data in the EDW is refreshed nightly through automated Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) processes. These processes enhance the university's reporting capabilities by reformatting, summarizing, and/or enriching the EDW's data. This also allows various types of data tables to be created including snapshot tables which can provides point in time data or summary tables that provide historical data.

Accessing the EDW

In order to access the EDW, you must receive account authorization from the EDW Team. If you are unsure whether you are an authorized user, contact the EDW team. To request access to the EDW, complete the Request Access form.

Data Areas Currently Available
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • Human Resources
  • Student
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