Report Catalogs

The report catalogs are continuously updated as new reports are put into production. The catalogs list all approved and verified reports currently available in the EDW’s production reporting environment. Reports not listed in the catalogs are not production reports and have not been approved or verified.

The report catalogs are split by the data subject area, while reports are listed in the catalogs based on their sub-subject of the data area. Each report entry in the catalog details the report’s function, what data is included in the report and includes a preview of the report structure. Definitions of data elements used in the reports or information on how data elements are calculated can be found in the provided data glossary.

Please note, that while you can view all report catalogs, users can only view the reports they have permission to view in the EDW reporting environment.

Data Glossary

To help develop a common set of data definitions across the university, the EDW publishes its glossary for data elements. The glossary provides descriptions for data elements used in reports.

EDW Data Glossary

Report Catalogs

Student Report Catalog

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