The Code of Conduct outlines community responsibilities for students during their time at MSU Denver

As students pursue their education, the academic and community environment is supported through Student Conduct, which upholds values of accountability, respect, justice, and equity.

Student Conduct coordinates and facilitates the conduct process in response to an incident that violated the Student Code of Conduct.

To encourage the MSU Denver students to identify and work through conflict or wrongdoing, we strive to support individual growth and community accountability by:

  • Promoting reflection on the impact of conflict and our actions
  • Encourage active responsibility by addressing harms and the repair that needs to happen to address conflict
  • Supporting the development of community membership and wellbeing


Student Code of Conduct

Learn more about what is involved in the Student Code of Conduct, including information about the process, appeals, academic misconduct, and appeals options.

Student Code of Conduct

Report an Incident

To submit a student conduct incident report, an academic misconduct incident report, or a CARE referral, click below. The reporting form allows you to include helpful context and documentation to help our office better understand your concerns.

Report an Incident

Student FAQ

If you received a letter from the Dean of Students Office, are working to complete your resolutions, or have questions as a student about the general conduct process, please visit our Student FAQs.

General Conduct: Student FAQs

Faculty & Staff FAQs

If you are interested in the general conduct process, what is needed to file a report, and resolutions or outcomes of a student conduct process, please visit our Faculty & Staff FAQs.

General Conduct: Faculty & Staff FAQs

Restorative Circles

Click here to learn more about Restorative Circles – another approach to student conduct concerns that focuses on accountability and repair.

Restorative Circles

Academic Misconduct

Click below for the Academic Misconduct homepage, which includes more information about the process, FAQs, and resources.

Academic Misconduct Homepage