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Sexual Addictions

People who have a sexual addiction typically have an unusual fascination with or fixation on sex. So much so, that it takes control over the individuals thinking, making it challenging to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Behaviors can include engaging in behaviors like cybersex, pornography or phone sex and can engage in risky sexual practices.

Symptoms of a sexual addiction may include:

  • Sexual impulses that are intense and feel as if they’re beyond one’s control
  • Difficulty with consistently enforcing sexual behavior
  • Use of compulsive sexual behavior as an escape from other problems, such as loneliness, depression, anxiety or stress
  • Engaging in sexual behaviors that have serious consequences, such as the potential for getting or giving someone else a sexually transmitted infection, the loss of important relationships, trouble at work, or legal problems
  • Trouble establishing and maintaining emotional closeness, even if one is married or in a committed relationship

Information from the Mayo Clinic


Sexual Addiction Resources:


Local Resources

Begin Again Institute
Individual, couples/partner and intensive treatment for those who struggle with sex and/or pornography addiction.

Front Range Counseling Center 
Outpatient treatment agency focusing on marriage counseling as well as sex addiction and other mental health issues.

Trailhead Counseling Center
Outpatient counseling agency focusing on sex and porn addiction.


National Resources

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Resources and 12-step based recovery groups for those struggling with addictive sexual behavior.