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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Can I view my Consent Forms?

Yes, you may. Here they are:


Where are you located?

We are located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite 651. To find us in the Tivoli take the Tower elevator to the 6th floor. From the elevator, turn left and go down the stairs. Our facilities are handicapped accessible. If you need better directions for our location check the campus map.


Who is eligible for services?

MSU Denver students who are currently registered and attending classes for at least one credit hour may receive services. Faculty and staff may be seen for a one-session consultation/referral basis.

If you had started working with a therapist at our Center in the Fall or Spring, you may continue throughout the summer without summer enrollment.

If you had not yet started treatment at our Center in the current academic year and you are not enrolled for the summer, then you will be eligible after you have started classes in the Fall. This could be as early as the first week of the Fall semester.

Who will see me?

Our therapists are qualified mental health professionals; including psychotherapists, psychologists, and advanced graduate student trainees. For a current listing, see our Staff list. For some concerns your therapist may recommend a referral to an off-campus agency who will better assist you.

How do I get an appointment?

To begin counseling you may simply come to the Center located in the Tivoli Student Union, Suite 651. Our administrative staff will help you fill out the paper work required and set you up with a therapist. The initial meeting usually takes about an hour or less, and your therapist will help determine the nature of your problem(s) and your treatment options. Please note though, we are only able to see MSU Denver students who are currently registered for at least one class. Faculty and staff can be seen for a one-session consultation/referral basis.

What are your hours?

The Counseling Center is open from 8:00am–5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are in meetings on Wednesday mornings from 9:00am–11 a.m. Given the high demand for our services we do encourage you to make an appointment in advance.

Is there a cost?

No. We are able to provide service free of charge to MSU Denver Students. You will work with your therapist to determine the duration of your care/treatment, if it is appropriate for you to receive services from us.

Do you help with academic advising?

No. If you have questions about your major, schedule, advising or requirements, please contact the Academic Advising Center in SSB-170 at 303-615-2025. Tutoring resources can be obtained through the Roadways Center in SSB-220 at 303-615-1919. We do, however, offer Test and Math Anxiety Workshops throughout the year. Our counselors can help with a variety of academic concerns as well.

Do you offer groups?

Yes. We offer support groups in a number of topic areas. Past groups have included Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, Men’s and Women’s Groups, Assertiveness, Self-esteem, Family Issues and Couples Counseling to name a few. You may also inquire at our office or call 303-615-9988 for a brochure of our latest offerings. Visit our Support Groups webpage to learn more.

Do you do testing?

Not usually. You can talk with your therapist for further clarification. Academic testing and assessment can be arranged through the Assessment and Testing Center in the Tivoli, Rm. 347 at 303-615-1700. You can also contact the Career Services office in The Tivoli Student Union at at 303-615-1011 for career testing.

Are my records confidential?

All records are strictly confidential at the Center, in accordance with state and federal law. Information cannot be released about you without your specific written consent. There are special rare circumstances when this may not apply, and our staff can explain the limitations if you have concerns.


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