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Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) CAPP produces a Compliance Report that is an advising tool to be used by students and their advisor throughout the students’ academic career at MSU Denver. Students with declared majors and/or minors should discuss their progress towards completion of their major (minor) program with their faculty advisor. They should have a CAPP Compliance Report run no later than the start of the senior year.

CAPP Compliance Reports can be run in the student’s major department. Approved adjustments to the CAPP Compliance Report should be submitted as soon as possible by the department to the Office of the Registrar.

Degree-seeking students must apply for degree candidacy by completing an Application for Graduation in the Office of the Registrar at the start of their final semester.

We in the School of Business have the goal of helping students obtain a Bachelor degree in a timely and effective manner. We hope to achieve this goal by preparing business students for upper-division courses through the completion of General Study, College of Business Required, and Business Core courses. As a means to this goal we are requiring students to receive advising the semester that they are going to complete 60 Credit Hours. The primary focus of this advising session will be to review Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) Compliance Report for the major


If a student currently has completed less then 60 credit hours and the courses (s)he is now taking will put her/him total credit hours completed over 60 hours, then (s)he will need to come into the Computer Information Systems department (Room ADM 590, Office Phone 303-556-3122) for advising BEFORE REGISTRATION FOR SEMESTER CLASSES. If a student has already received thorough advising from a faculty member and is fully aware of the degree requirements; or strongly believes that (s)he understands the degree requirements very well and does not need advising, that student may request an advising waiver by completing an official form at this office.

After a student has been advised or completed the advising waiver request form, the advising hold will be removed. We look forward to helping each student begin an exciting career as a professional in Computer Information Systems.


CAPP Report

What is a CAPP Report, when should I get one, and how do I adjust it if it needs to be changed?

A CAPP (Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning) Compliance Report is the official way to determine where you stand in meeting all degree requirements of your degree program. First, it is important to declare your degree program–your major, concentration, minor, and degree catalog. All of these are necessary before requesting a CAPP Report. No later than your senior year, you should go to your major department or the Academic Advising Center to request a CAPP Report. Read it CAREFULLY! If you disagree with any areas of the CAPP Report, discuss this with your advisor. it may be a simple matter of re-assigning a course to meet a particular requirement.

What recourse do I have if I disagree with my CAPP Compliance Report?

If you disagree with any areas of the CAPP Report, discuss this with your advisor. If may be a simple matter of re-assigning a course to meet a particular requirement.

For additional information, contact the College of Business, College of Business advising, or refer to MSU Denver website.

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