SAP Recognition Award Certificate

The CIS Department is a member of the SAP America University Alliance Program (SAP UAP) and has designed a set of coursework that allows College of Business students to earn the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a collection of business applications that can work together in an integrated fashion using a common set of data (Master Data). SAP ERP is the largest ERP vendor with > 60% of the global market.
Varied companies/organizations use SAP ERP. The exposure and hands-on experience with SAP in the classroom can increase the ability to integrate knowledge across business disciplines and build a firmer grasp of integrated business processes. SAP experience is very valuable for prospective job seekers and the SAP Recognition Award Certificate is a good way to demonstrate familiarity with the SAP System.

Students who complete three out of the following four SAP integrated courses are eligible to receive the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.


  • CIS 2010: Foundations of Information Systems
  • CIS 3490: Managing Business Information with Enterprise Systems
  • ACC 3300*: Accounting Information Systems
  • CIS 4410: Management Information Systems
    *Note: Not all sections of ACC 3300 incorporate SAP curriculum.  The student is advised to register for a section of ACC 3300 which incorporates the SAP curriculum and practical lab assignments.

The prerequisite for the courses may apply.


All of the above courses are open to all College of Business major/minor students.

Eligible students should contact Dr. Biswadip Ghosh in the CIS Department before the end of the semester to demonstrate their course completion and apply for the issuance of the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.