Own The Future

QR codeWe are welcoming you to the first episodes of our new podcasts, OTF, Own The Future, which is a visionary information resource for our majors to help you to move from your classroom to your IT work room experience. We’re challenging everyone of you to be intentional about your purpose in your movement to enter into your career with these incredible visionaries, creatives, and leaders who we will be bringing you.
We’re really excited about this new dimension or this new tool that our department has to engage you in fulfilling your purpose and your role and responsibility in society through your career to add value. We started the podcast off talking about the personal leadership, a mechanism the every one of you need to have in pursuit of your careers. Right now it’s a really good time for you to say: rather you just simply wanted survive in your career, or do you want to thrive in your career?
We started this conversation about OTF because we wanted our students to know that they can be the next Mark Zuckenberg, that they can be the next Bill Gates. When you begin to understand your identity and your sense of purpose, and calling to your career we are challenging you to go take the space, you own it. CIS may just be at images. You Own The Future because of what it is, what your career is allowing you to do, to promote security, promote prosperity, to promote liberty in the lives of all those that you serve your career.