CIS - Major Requirements

(30 credits, 21 required credits plus 9 credits from Option 1 or 9 credits from Option 2):

Course Title Hours
CIS 2110 Structured Problem Solving in Information Systems
CIS 3050 Fundamentals of System Analysis and Design
CIS 3060 Database Management Systems
CIS 3145 Business Application Development
CIS 3230 Telecommunications Systems and Networking
CIS 3500 Information Systems Security
CIS 4050 Systems Analysis and Design
Select one option below:
Option 1 CIS Degree -No Area of Concentration (See Area of Concentration for details)
Option2 CIS Degree with an Area of Concentration (See Area of Concentration for details)
Total Hours Required for CIS Major

Elective Requirements

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, a student must successfully complete 30 or more credit hours of business course work at MSU Denver. This 30-hour residency requirement can be met by completing any business courses with the prefix ACC, ACCM, BNK, BUS, CIS, FIN, MGT and MKT and a course number of 2000 or higher.  A student must complete at least eight (12) upper-division semester hours in Computer Information Systems at MSU Denver, excluding CIS 3340, CIS 3300 and CIS 3320.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems are required to participate in assessment activities at both the department and College levels during their senior year.

Unrestricted Elective credits may vary. Total unrestricted electives must be sufficient for student to meet the minimum required 120 credit hours.

Students majoring in business and interested in pursuing an International Business concentration should see an advisor.