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Fall 2020 Payment Deadline

October 09, 2020

MSU Denver will not be charging any late fees for the month of October! If your balance is more than $2000, pay your balance down to $2000.00 or less to be able to register for Spring 2021 semester. A Balance Due Hold will be added to all accounts with balance greated than $2000.00.


Unpaid accounts for Spring and Summer 2020 are considered past due. A balance due hold will remain active on all accounts with balances greater than $2000.00. Past due accounts may be in danger of going to collections. 

Important Dates

Important dates and deadlines related to your finances


Click on the link below to view the dates and deadlines which will provide you with a general guide on when to pay your tuition and what to expect when you choose to pay throughout the semester, or you still have an outstanding balance. Do you have any other questions? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!


Collections Warning

ATTENTION STUDENTS: If you have not paid your Spring 2020 past due balance, your account may be in danger of going to collections. Delinquent accounts will be turned over to a collection agency in accordance with Colorado law, and collection fees of up to 40% will be added to an account balance. The collection agency may report delinquent accounts to the national credit bureau. DO NOT DELAY! Please contact us for deadlines and payment options as soon as possible!

Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines

Dropping and withdrawing are two different processes, and will impact your billing and academic records differently. Click here for Drop and Withdrawal Instructions and Deadlines


More dates and deadlines from the Academic Calendar

Select "Academic Calendar (Students)" link to view more information

Academic Calendar is a place for students to keep in touch with all of the important academic dates and deadlines. It includes information such as Payment Deadlines, Drop Deadlines and more!
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