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AVS - 20-21 - Curriculum Guide 


New Student Orientation - Fall 2020 

A recap of one of the several New Student Orientations held virtually this fall!

If you would like to view a sample of the several virtual New Student Orientations held for Fall Semester 2020, for new and transfer students, please view Parts 1 & 2 below!

Aviation and Aerospace Science Orientation - Session Part 1

Aviation and Aerospace Science Orientation Session Part 2


From satellites orbiting Earth to wheels touching down on the runway, we do flight.

Home to the second-most aviation jobs in the nation, the Centennial State provides ample opportunities to take to the sky. As the industry continues to grow, MSU Denver’s Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science has reimagined possibilities by evolving into one of the largest and most sophisticated programs in the country - all the while remaining the most affordable program of its kind. 

It’s no mystery why MSU Denver’s aviation program is recognized for its excellence. Our students have access to unrivaled resources no other university in Colorado can offer; such as the most innovative flight simulating training laboratories in the world, an on-campus satellite engineering lab and partnerships with the industry that grants students access to the same advanced technology and software used at NASA. We’ve invested $40 million worth of technology so that our graduates will soar on their first day on the job.

Our close relationships with nearby aerospace contractors – including York Space Systems, Lockheed Martin, Booze Allen Hamilton, Ball Aerospace, and Raytheon, to our long standing relationships with aeronautical companies - such as Jeppesen-Boeing, United Airlines, Envoy, Mesa Airlines, Express Jet, Air Wisconsin, and Republic Arilines - translates into incredible internship opportunities for students and job opportunities for graduates. At MSU Denver, we have everything in place to ensure the best possible education in aviation and aerospace science; so, jump on board and watch your career take off.

Not only is our location in an epicenter of aviation and aerospace commerce, but you also have access to a number of valuable and innovative resources such as:

Metro Denver Aviation Coalition logo

Colorado's aviation industry

Colorado Space Coalition logo with graphic that reads

Colorado's aerospace industry

Two students in the flight simulator

The Aeronautical and Aerospace Systems Laboratories

Silhouette of a person on the tail of an airplane.

MSU Denver Flight Teams

A plane takes off at Denver International Airport

Top flight schools and several major and regional airports

Aerospace student, Natalya Shemigon, posing in front of an aircraft
I keep falling in love with flying deeper and deeper. Just when I think, "this is as good as it gets," a new adventure comes along. I just got my commercial pilots license and am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Science with a concentration as a flight officer. With the help of Metro University's Aerobatics and Glider club I strive to become a better and safer pilot. Follow your heart no matter the heights, wear a parachute in case all else fails.

Natalya Shemigon

Aerospace Science student

Career Prospects

Here’s where a BS in Aviation and Aerospace Science might take you:
Airline management, airport planning and operations, airport safety and security, aeronautical management.

Kevin Kuhlmann_Aviation and Aerospace Science
We offer one of the largest and most advanced collegiate aviation programs in the country and are well positioned to provide the airline industry with highly qualified pilots that can address future staffing needs.

Kevin Kuhlmann, M.A.S.

Associate Chair, Aviation & Aerospace Science

Our Program Options

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