Advising for Aviation & Aerospace Science Students

Professional Academic Advisors can help students be strategic and efficient with their degree, answer general questions about the Aviation & Aerospace programs, and help navigate campus resources.

Professional Academic Advisors:

Emily Dolezal | Email: [email protected]

Michael Felton | Email: [email protected]

Students can either email Academic Advisors directly or schedule an appointment by calling 303-615-1099 or emailing [email protected].


Current and prospective students are also encouraged to seek advising with a faculty member within the Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science. Currently enrolled aviation or aerospace science students should seek advising at least once per academic year from any full-time faculty .

Please review the current Advising Hours for Aviation and Aerospace Science Faculty with a front office staff member. They can schedule an appointment for you.

Fight Training Cost & Financial Assistance


How To Find Your Aviation and Aerospace Faculty Advisor

Please contact the AVS Department Front Office to schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor:

Phone: 303-605-5287
Email: [email protected]

Key areas and contacts for advising:

  • Aerospace Science
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering Technology (ASET)
  • Aerospace Physics
  • Aerospace Cyber Security
  • Aerospace Advanced Manufacturing
  • Internships & Research Opportunities
Dr. Jeffrey Forrest
(Dept. Chair)
[email protected]
  • Part 61/141 Flight Training Processes & Requirements
  • CNCC partnership
  • ROTC
  • AT-CTI
  • Airline TYPE ratings
  • Military training
  • Degree advising
  • Minors
  • Airline & Flight Training Service Providers, Partnerships, and Affiliations
Prof. Kevin Kuhlmann
(Assoc. Chair)
[email protected]
  • Flight courses for financial aid
  • Restricted ATP
  • Precision Flight Team
  • Flight training
  • FAA Part 141




Prof. Chad Kendall [email protected]
  • Flight training
  • Degree advising
  • Airline Careers & Flight Standards


Prof. Derren Duburguet [email protected]


  • Flight Training
  • General Aviation
  • Women in Aviation
  • Women in Aerospace



Prof. Laura Braunschmidt [email protected]
  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Safety & Security
  • AAAE & certification
  • Job targeting
  • Degree advising


Prof. Jeffrey Price [email protected]
  • Flight training
  • Ground school practicum
  • Degree advising




Prof. George King [email protected]
  • Educational Technology Resources
  • Technology Services & Staffing
  • AAS Laboratories





Dr. TJ De Cino [email protected]
  • Flight training
  • Advanced flight sim technologies
  • Ground school instruction
  • Degree advising
  • FAA Part 141




Associate Prof. Tyler Bachelder [email protected]
  • Aerospace
  • AGI – STK
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerodynamics




Lecturer Jose Lopez [email protected]
  • Aerospace
  • BalloonSat
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerodynamics




Lecturer Randy Owen [email protected]
  • Individualized Degree Programs (IDP)
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering Technology IDP (ASET)
  • Aerospace Physics IDP
  • IDP Contact Form



Dr. Sara Jackson Shumate [email protected]
  • Aerobatics Team
  • General Aviation
  • Women in Aviation
  • Women in Aerospace




Lecturer Dagmar Kress [email protected]
  • Aerospace Science
  • Space Systems Engineering




Lecturer Michael Botyarov [email protected]
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)




Lecturer Tom Obarski [email protected]

Questions? Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the Aviation and Aerospace Science Department at MSU Denver.

Prospective students, parents, alumni, and industry partners are welcome to submit inquiries to the departmental email (located on the right side of this section).

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