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Department Policies

  • The Art Department requires students who do not attend all sessions of a course the first week of the semester to drop that course. 
  • Non-attending students may be dropped as a courtesy especially if there are students on the waiting list, but it is the student’s responsibility to drop the course to avoid incurring tuition and fees. 
  • Students who miss a class meeting the first week of classes who do not drop will be given a failing grade for the course, and will be responsible for any incurred tuition and fees.
  • Permission of the department is required to register for any art (ART, ARTE, ARTH, or CDES) class, or be absorbed from a waiting list, after the first meeting.
  • Permission of instructor is required to be absorbed from a waitlist once the class has begun. The Course Enrollment Override Form (Blue Form) is available in the Art Department. The completed form with instructor signature is required to request absorption into the class.
  • All students (including UCD students) must meet Art Department prerequisites, as stated in the University Catalog, before enrolling in a course.
  • The course instructor does not have the authority to waive a prerequisite.  A student seeking a prerequisite override must have the permission of the area coordinator and the department chair.
  • A prerequisite may not be taken as a corequisite unless so stated in the University Catalog.
  • The Art Department does not accept audit or Metromeritus students in ART, ARTE or CDES courses.  They are accepted in ARTH (art history) courses on a space-available basis, with permission of the instructor. 
  • A course audit requires a student to apply and be accepted to the University, to enroll in the course, and to pay full tuition and fees.
  • Metro Meritus students may audit art history (ARTH) courses at no cost with the instructor’s permission when there is space available. Through the Metro Meritus program, persons 60 years and over can attend MSU Denver classes on the main campus and the extended campus locations at no cost on a space available bases. Metro Meritus applications are available for lifelong learners over 60; contact the Center for Individualized Learning, 303 615-0525.
  • Students are advised to check their Student Hub Personal Announcements and MSU Denver email regularly.  MSU Denver email is the official means of communication from the university, and will be used to notify you of class cancellations, etc.
  • How do I get a locker?
    • You must be a MSU Denver student and currently enrolled in two studio art classes, fall or spring; or one studio art class, summer. 
    • Complete the Locker Request Form 
  • When can I get a locker?
    • You can request a locker one week before the semester starts.
  • When do I need to clean it out?
    • You must have your items removed from your locker the last day the semester ends, unless you are able to renew your locker. 
  • How do I renew my locker?
    • To renew you must complete the Locker Request Form for the new semester.
  • Is there a fee for a locker?
    • The Department of Art does not charge any fee for a locker.  We do not rent Art lockers to other majors, or to students who do not have studio classes.

Art courses that use Adobe products during Covid-19 will be provided access by the University at no cost to students. Professors should provide a roster of class email addresses to the Art Tech Staff, and then software downloads will become available for students' personal computers. Adobe requires a sign inwhich is the same as students' email sign in. 

To install Adobe products on a University-owned computer: 

  • Use the Self Service application or contact MSU Denver Help Desk at 303-352-7548.  
  • University-owned computers have disabled access to install Adobe software via the website or via the Creative Cloud desktop app and you will receive a messsage that “You don’t have access to manage apps.” 

To install Adobe products on your own device: 

  • Go to  
  • Click “Sign In” in the upper right. 
  • Click the waffle icon (9 little squares) in the upper right, and find the software you want to use. (Click the “More” link and then click “View All” for Creative Cloud Apps.) 
  • Now click “Install” for any software that is available in your subscription. 

Once the Adobe software has been installed: 

  • When you open an Adobe application, in the Sign In window that pops up enter your MSU Denver email and passwordThen choose “Enterprise ID – Company or School Account.”  
  • If you have personally paid for a subscription to Creative Cloud you could choose “Adobe ID – Personal account,” so that you can access your personal CC files.   
  • Be sure to sign out or quit the program when you are finished, because Adobe only allows you to use one Creative Cloud login at a time, so if you remain signed in on one machine you may not be allowed to sign in on another. 

If you encounter any problems signing into Adobe, please contact MSU Denver Help Desk at 303-352-7548 or .  

  • Links to all department job announcements may be found at
  • Faculty positions will be listed at and in some instances on the College Art Association website.  All applicants must apply online at
  • Work study and student hourly positions are listed at  Follow the instructions on the announcement to apply.
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver is dedicated to ensuring a safe and secure environment for our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. To assist in achieving that goal, we conduct background checks on all finalists for positions at the University prior to employment.

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