The mission of the Studio and Art History Foundations curriculum is to prepare students for further studies in the Department of Art through a diverse and rigorous application of skills and concepts while stressing perceptual explorations of 2D, 3D, and 4D space. The Studio Foundations coursework presents a wide variety of textural, tactile, and physical processes and materials relevant to all areas of emphasis. The Faculty believe it is important to encourage students to think beyond purely formal aspects of art making and, at an early stage, engage a broad thematic content and concept driven inquiry. The Foundations curriculum promotes and encourages strong critical thinking and problem solving skills through studio projects, written and oral presentations, independent research, and portfolio preparation. Lectures, readings, and other assignments introduce the student to the diversity and richness of the contemporary art practice and its relationship to a diverse global culture.

Art Foundation Requirements

The Art Foundation Requirements consist of the following courses:

  • ART 1101 – Studio Foundations: 2D
  • ART 1141 – Studio Foundations: Drawing
  • ART 1501 – Studio Foundations: 3D
  • ART 1531 – Studio Foundations: 4D
  • ARTH 1600 – World Art I: Art Prior to 1400
  • ARTH 1700 – World Art II: Art 1400-1900

A student in red polka dot bandana and with headphones around their neck uses an iPencil to draw on an iPad.

Foundations Program Coordinator

Portrait of Michael Bernhardt

Michael Bernhardt

Associate Professor - Foundations Program Coordinator

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