About the Taskforce

Formed in February 2023, and building upon the work previously completed, the primary goal of the Cross-Functional Taskforce is to identify solutions leading to a sustainable, student-centered workload implementation that aligns with our university’s strategic plan.

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Steering Committee Members


Dr. Marie T. Mora, Interim Provost

Dr. Marie T. Mora

Provost Ad Interim and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Photo of Professor Jeffers

Dr. Meredith L. Jeffers

Associate Professor of Spanish; Faculty Trustee

Administration Division: Larry Sampler, M.A., Vice President for Finance and Administration & Chief Operating Officer

Council of Chairs and Directors: Dr. Elizabeth “Buffy” Ribble, President of COCD; Chair and Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Deans’ Council: Dr. John Masserini, Dean of the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Dr. Michael Benitez, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty Affairs: Dr. Cath Kleier, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs

Faculty Senate: Dr. Elizabeth Goodnick, Faculty Senate President; Associate Professor of Philosophy

Metropolitan State Faculty Federation: Dr. Shelia Rucki, President of MSFF; Professor of Political Science

Student Affairs: Dr. Will Simpkins, Vice President for Student Affairs

Working Teams

Current Working Teams, alphabetically by area of specialty: