Generative AI Taskforce - Recommendations & Syllabus Suggestions

Provost’s decision on generative AI in syllabus and course information


Every course at MSU Denver should explicitly address the use of generative artificial intelligence in syllabus or other course information, Interim Provost Marie Mora, Ph.D., announced Aug. 1.

Mora concurred with a recommendation from MSU Denver’s Generative AI Taskforce, a group of faculty members, staff members and administrators who advise university leaders on how to best address challenges and opportunities presented by AI technology. The group developed a spectrum of suggested syllabus language that instructors can use or modify as needed.

Below is Mora’s letter to the Academic Affairs Leadership Team explaining the decision, how employees can access resources related to generative AI and how to provide feedback or ask questions.


July 31, 2023

Dear Academic Affairs Leadership Team: 

As many of you know, colleges and universities across the world are grappling with how to address the new capabilities of generative AI.  MSU Denver has been discussing the implications since February, with a variety of events and discussions, as well as the formation of the Generative AI Taskforce (GAIT).

In response to these events and discussions, I am pleased to share GAIT’s insights and recommendations as MSU Denver’s first stance regarding generative AI.  Please share these with your faculty.

First, it is clear that attempting to ban generative AI and similar tools will not be viable, and efforts to prevent students from accessing this tool using university networks, or similar restrictions, are not being pursued.  Second, the generative AI detectors that have been made public during 2023 are not accurate enough to be used as the sole basis for accusations of academic misconduct.  We do not expect this to change, as both generative AI tools and the detectors evolve. Therefore, careful discussion with the Office of the Dean of Students should be an integral part of any issue of academic misconduct issue in which generative AI is suspected. 

Third, I support the GAIT’s recommendation that every course at MSU Denver should explicitly address the use of generative AI in the syllabus or other course information.  As such, this request will need attention from virtually every instructor and department at MSU Denver. To make this as straightforward and flexible as possible, the GAIT has developed a spectrum of suggested syllabus language (located below) that instructors can use or modify, as needed.  

These efforts will likely cause faculty and departments to discuss generative AI in more detail, especially as we get closer to the start of the fall semester. I am requesting that the Deans work with Department Chairs to help facilitate the discussion and implementation for Fall 2023. Please note that the CTLD’s Ready website already has quite a few resources relating to generative AI. You are also welcome to reach out to the Generative AI Taskforce, either directly or via the Qualtrics form mentioned in the Early Bird piece.



Marie Mora

Marie T. Mora, Ph.D.

Provost Ad Interim & Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs



Syllabus Spectrum for Use of Generative AI in the Classroom