Department Chair and Staff

Dr. Nicholas Recker Headshot

Dr. Nicholas Recker

Chair, Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Community Development, Organizational Structure, Social Capital, the Creative Class, Health, Crime

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Vonda Knox

Vonda Knox

Program Coordinator

Central Classroom 106

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Jill Scott, MA

Jill Scott, M.A.

Laboratory Coordinator

Specialty Areas: Biological Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Human Biological Variation, Neandertals, Early Modern Humans, Homo naledi, Craniomandibular Anatomy

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Anthropology Faculty

Dr. Joseph Feldman headshot

Dr. Joseph Feldman

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Specialty Areas: Political Anthropology, Museums, Transitional Justice, Applied Anthropology, Peru, Latin America

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Rebecca Forgash, PhD

Dr. Rebecca Forgash

Professor of Anthropology

Director, Ethnography Laboratory; Specialty Areas: Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Transnational Intimacy and Marriage, US Military and Militarization, Globalization, Language and Identity, East Asia, Japan, Okinawa, Guatemala

[email protected] 303-615-0425 Directory Profile
Michael Kolb, PhD

Dr. Michael Kolb

Professor of Anthropology

Director, Archaeology Laboratory; Specialty Areas: Archaeology, Complex Societies, Monumental Architecture, Archaeology of Power and Ritual, Europe, Oceania

[email protected] 303-615-0708 Directory Profile
Dr. Jade Luiz Headshot

Dr. Jade Luiz

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Specialty Areas: Historical Archaeology, Museum Studies, Brothel Archaeology, 19th-Century Urbanism, Feminist Theory, Gender and Sexuality, Identity

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Sanaa Riaz, PhD

Dr. Sanaa Riaz

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Specialty Areas: Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, Educational Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Historical Anthropology, Political Anthropology, Middle East and Islamic World, South Asia, Pakistan

[email protected] 303-615-1694 Directory Profile
Rich Sandoval, PhD

Dr. Rich Sandoval

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Specialty Areas: Linguistic and Semiotic Anthropology, Interaction and Multimodality, Language Documentation/Revitalization, Indigenous American Signed Languages, Classic Mayan Writing/Art, Ch’orti’ (Mayan) Language, Arapaho Language, Spanish-English Contact in the Southwest

[email protected] 303-615-1697 Directory Profile
Michala Stock, PhD

Dr. Michala Stock, D-ABFA

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Director, Human Identification Laboratory; Diplomate - American Board of Forensic Anthropology; Specialty Areas: Biological Anthropology, Forensic Anthropology, Skeletal Growth and Development, Intraspecific Variation, Sexual Dimorphism, Quantitative Methods

[email protected] 303-605-7433 Directory Profile
Todd Yokley, PhD

Dr. Todd Yokley

Professor of Anthropology

Director, Biological Anthropology Laboratory; Specialty Areas: Biological Anthropology, Paleoanthropology, Human Biological Variation, Neandertals, Nasofacial Anatomy

[email protected] 303-615-1339 Directory Profile

Sociology Faculty

Karam Adibifar, PhD

Dr. Karam Adibifar

Associate Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Family Studies, Drugs and Society, Social Theory and Social Psychology, Middle Eastern Culture

[email protected] 303-615-1693 Directory Profile
Desire Anastasia, PhD

Dr. Desiré Anastasia

Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Body Modification, Yoga and Symbolic Interactionism, Intimate Partner Violence, Feminist Theory, Criminology, Deviance and Social Control

[email protected] 303-615-0120 Directory Profile
Ting Jiang, PhD

Dr. Ting Jiang

Associate Dean for Curriculum, Accreditation, and Program Review & Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Globalization, Welfare States, Social Inequality, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Chinese Society, China's One Belt, One Road Initiative, Quantitative Methods, Spatial Analysis, Survey Research

[email protected] 303-615-0638 Directory Profile
Melissa Monson, PhD

Dr. Melissa Monson

Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Gender, Ethnicity, Mass Media, Video Games

[email protected] 303-615-0882 Directory Profile
Gesemia Nelson, PhD

Dr. Gesemia Nelson

Professor of Sociology

Director, Sociology Computer Laboratory; Specialty Areas: Inequality, Globalization, Methods, Survey

[email protected] 303-615-0924 Directory Profile
Brian O'Hara, PhD

Dr. Brian O'Hara

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Sports, Recreation, Leisure, Tourism, Qualitative Methods, Community and Urban Studies, Culture

[email protected] 303-605-7233 Directory Profile
David Piacenti, PhD

Dr. David Piacenti

Associate Professor of Sociology

Specialty Areas: Globalization, Immigration and Migration, Sociological Theory, Anthropological Theory, Theory of Science and Knowledge, Qualitative Methods, Racial and Ethnic Prejudice and Discrimination, Environmental Sociology

[email protected] 303-615-0997 Directory Profile

Adjunct Faculty

Sociology Adjunct Faculty

The best way to contact adjunct faculty is via e-mail.

Ms. Christy Derr

Emeritus Faculty

Tadini Bacigalupi, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Kenneth M. Keller, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Anthropology

Jonathan Kent, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Anthropology

Aileen F. Lucero, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Linda Marangia, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Bernard Rosen, Associate Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Rae Shevalier, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Martha L. Shwayder, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Sheldon Steinhauser, B.S., Associate Professor Emeritus–Sociology

Roger C. Wade, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus–Sociology 

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