Getting Started with LinkedIn Learning

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn learning lets you personalize professional and career development with online learning materials at your own pace. You can select courses relevant to your current role in areas like business, technology and marketing. You can also pursue other passions! With courses on financial literacy, social media, even drawing and music theory, you’ll be able to grow and develop in the areas you care about both at and outside work.

Accessible 24/7 from your desktop or mobile device. You may watch an entire course, or individual videos – some are as short as four or five minutes. You will be able to bookmark courses that suit your interests, keep track of the courses you have taken, and when you complete a course, you’ll receive a certificate. You have the opportunity to refine or develop your professional skills, learn new software, and explore other areas as you plan for your career growth.

Getting started

Review this tutorial before starting. You’ll have the option to connect through your personal linkedin profile (recommended!) or activate your account using your MSU Denver email. Once you’re in, browse around! With over 10,000 digital courses you can learn something new and apply it in your day-to-day!

For Students/Alumni with LinkedIn Learning, you get:

  • Unlimited access. Choose from more than 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative and technology topics.
  • Personalized recommendations. Explore the most in-demand skills based on your experience.
  • Expert instructors. Learn from industry leaders, all in one place.
  • Convenient learning. Access courses on your schedule, from any desktop or mobile device.
  • Available in many laguages including English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese.
  • Drive success to and through graduation.
  • Keeps you prepared for a world that is always rapidly changing.
  • You will receive digital course completion badges that can be added to your LinkedIn Profile

For Staff/Faculty with LinkedIn Learning, you get:

Regardless of whether you are a student, alumni, faculty or staff you will have access to all of LinkedIn Learning’s content, courses and trainings. It can help you define your career path, build a professional network and even lead to your first job. Learn how to tp into the power of LinkedIn to locate industry insights, internships, jobs and valuable connections. Connect your LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning for enhanced course recommendations, resume building opportunities and for help preparing for exams. Staff and faculty will get:

  • Select from thousands of beginner-to-advanced courses across core functional area – including marketing, finance, operations IT, software and web development and more.
  • There are hundreds of soft skill courses covering leadership, time management, problem solving, peer relationships, conflict management, project management, communication and presentation skills.

How to Use LinkedIn Learning

This PDF tutorial can be printed or reviewed online.

Top Skills Available Via LinkedIn Learning

You can also review PDF instructions on how to use LinkedIn Learning.