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Welcome to the Office of the Bursar

Our Mission:

We work to provide the best services to students by providing accurate billing, Perkins loans, and various payment options. We strive for fast accurate service to help make your university experience a pleasant one.

The Office of the Bursar assists students in meeting their educational goals by offering excellent customer service while providing financial services to students, their families, and university employees. We provide correct assessments of student balances, offer flexible payment options, and educate students and their families about their financial rights and responsibilities in relation to the university.

Monthly Payment Deadline

December 10, 2019*

*You may choose to pay throughout the semester, however, please keep in mind that any unpaid balance will incur a 1.5% service charge. A 1.5% service charge will be assessed to any unpaid balance on the 7th working day of each month thereafter. Accounts not paid in full by October 10, 2019, are considered past due. A balance due hold will be placed on those accounts with balances greater than $200.00.

Fall 2019 Tuition

ATTENTION STUDENTS:The flat-rate tuition window from 12-18 credit hours is going to be closed in two phases. Starting Fall 2019, the tuition rate for 13-18 credit hours will be charged at 50% of the normal rate. Please see our Tuition Tables for more information. 


Linking you to money info

Stay informed about important info that relates to your finances this month.

 December 2019 Payment deadline



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