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Here you will find access to a list of the Management department’s resources and other exclusive involvements.

The College of Business Tutoring Lab

Two students in the College of Business Tutoring Lab


Tutoring for the Business Core Courses (ACC 2010, ACC 2020, CIS 3300, CIS 3320, FIN 3300) are offered in the College of Business Tutoring Lab located in Admin Building, suite 230.  Tutoring is also available via TEAMS. 

Click here for more information about the College of Business Tutoring office. 

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If you need assistance with other business courses, please contact the Tutoring Center at 303-615-1919, or [email protected]; or visit us in the Student Success Building, room 220. 

The Assessment and Testing Center

The Assessment and Testing Center at MSC Denver administers assessment exams in three areas: Writing, Mathematics, and Reading. Students must take all three exams in order to fulfill the minimum requirements for entrance to college level courses, or must be able to provide adequate ACT Scores. Please note that the scores from these exams are used to assist advisors and students in selecting appropriate course work. A link to each test is hereafter provided together with sample test information and exam location. After viewing the schedule please note the session you want to register for and then call 303-575-5880.

The Writing Center

A service available to all Metro students who want to improve their writing. The mission of the MSCD Writing Center is an instructional one. Rather than providing editing and proof reading service, the tutors help students to become more independent, more confident, more competent writers. That work is accomplished best when students come to the center on a regular basis for on-going work with the same tutor who is then able to diagnose particular students’ problems and to help them deal with those concerns.

Students come to the center as the result of informal referrals or advice from the faculty, staff, or peers; after hearing about the Writing Center in a class orientation session; through formal written referrals by instructors or other staff; and through finding us on their own to seek help that they perceive they need. The Center maintains thorough computer records about all clients and each of their visits.

Executive on Campus

Executive on Campus is an annual program which brings a successful, high-profile business leader to campus to interact with our students.

The program has a number of goals:

a) Create ties between the Department of Management and the regional business community that we serve.

b) Expose students to successful, high-profile thoughtful leaders in the business community.

c) Inspire and motivate our students.

d) Emphasize the pragmatic or applied aspect of our programs.

e) Raise the profile of the Department of Management, College of Business and Metropolitan State University of Denver.



2018 (2/2)

Noosa Yoghurt

Noosa, Australia is where Koel Thomae, Founder/Owner of Noosa Yoghurt discovered the yoghurt/fruit concoction she would name her company after. Thomae teamed up with a fourth generation dairy farmer to make her make her dream a reality.


2018 (1/2)

DAR Chocolate

Gila and Joel Dar, founders of DAR Chocolate, opened their own factory in Denver after a fateful trip to Costa Rica led them to the cocoa bean.




For the 8th Annual Executive on Campus – Welcome Alum Michael Hovanes, Chairman, Cadence Biomedical

Following his graduation from MSU Denver, Hovanes went on to receive his MBA from the American Graduate School in Paris. He served as vice president of marketing and business development for Quinton Instruments and held executive positions with Life Products and Transtracheal Systems. Before working for Cadence Biomedical, Hovanes was the former president and CEO of medical device company InstruMed, where he led the development and manufacturing of the SmartPump surgical tourniquet system in which displaced a dominate competitor in the market.



Welcome Jane Miller

Jane Miller authored the book Sleep Your Way to the Top (and other myths about business success) published by FG Press in May 2014.  She founded a career advice website,, and is the former CEO/President of Charter Baking Company.  During her tenure at Charter Baking Company, she turned around the performance of the business, divesting an unprofitable division which let the doubling of sales and profitability of the premier brand, Rudi’s Organic.  That division was sold to Hain-Celestial Group in April 2014.

Prior to Charter, Jane was the President of HJ Heinz in London, ran the Western division of Bestfoods Baking (Orowheat, Thomas English Muffins, Brownberry and Entenmann’s) and was President of the Central Division of Frito-Lay.



Bolder Boulder

The Bolder Boulder is one of the largest, best known, and most innovative running races in the world.  Known for his easy going demeanor and passion for the race, Cliff Bosley was there from the beginning as he ran in the inaugural Bolder Boulder in 1979 when he was 12 years old.  Cliff continues a proud family tradition, taking over as race director from his father, Steve Bosley, creator and founder of the Bolder Boulder.  Under Cliff’s leadership, the race has grown and flourished and is estimated to contribute $10 million to the Boulder economy in a single weekend each year.



Perky Jerky

As featured in FORBES magazine, Brian Levin is one of Colorado’s most humorous entrepreneurial success stories.  But humor aside, Brian is all about business.  By age 33 he had already co-created a service that sends current snow conditions to skiers’ cell phones, initiated then sold the first text-messaging voting system (featured on American Idol), and created then sold Useful Networks, a producer of advertising and social media software.

His latest venture, Perky Jerky, was created quite by accident as a result of an exploded can inside a backpack. Mr. Levin is a consumer-marketing expert with experience in non-traditional marketing (Guerrilla Marketing).  He graduated from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.




Camp Bow Wow

Mrs. Heidi Ganahl one of our country’s most respected women entrepreneurs.  She earned her Master’s degree in health care administration from DU and has a business degree from CU Boulder.

Despite tremendous odds, Heidi has managed to persevere and succeed in her business and personal life.  At the age of 27, Heidi not only lost her husband but also a million-dollar insurance settlement.  Yet thought the adversity, her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills helped her emerge as the Top Dog of Camp Bow Wow, which is a $40 million dollar business in the pet care and franchise industry.

Heidi’s company, Camp Bow Wow, was recently named to the Inc 500 fastest growing company list, #88 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 105 fastest growing franchises in North America and was recognized as the 26th fastest growing women owned business in the country.




SKA Brewing

David Thibodeau is a MSU Denver alumni.  He graduated in 1993 and was a communications major.  After he left Metro he went on to co-found Ska Brewing Company in Durango and Peach Street Distillers.  Ska Brewing was given a Colorado Office of Economic Development “50 Colorado Companies to watch” award.



Kevin Reddy

Mr. Reddy has three decades of experience in senior leadership positions in the restaurant industry at trend setters such as McDonald’s, Chipotle, and at Noodles & Company.  His distinguished career and achievements were recognized recently by Nation’s Restaurant News who named Mr. Reddy as one of 2010’s “Top 10 Who to Watch) executives.  He has a timely and passionate message about serving employees and customers which is evident at Noodles & Company.


Jake Jabs

He was raised in Montana by immigrant parents from Russia and Poland who taught him the importance of a good work ethic and solid family connections.  Mr. Jabs became an entrepreneur at an early age and had his first serious venture in the furniture business in 1968, with Mediterrean Galleries.  Shortly after, he purchased the struggling 90 year old American Furniture Company that would soon become American Furniture Warehouse.  American Furniture Warehouse was officially founded in 1975 and had only one location at 58th and Bannock in Denver.  Mr. Jabs infused fresh ideas, new business philosophies and innovation into the struggling 90 year old company.  He was able to turn the furniture store into one of the top retail furniture companies in the USA.  Company sales wee approximately $330 million in 2008, the have expanded to 12 locations and have over 1,500 employees throughout Colorado.  American Furniture Warehouse is one of the largest privately owned businesses in the state.

Advisory Council Members

The Advisory Council serves as a bridge between the Management Department and the local community to provide input to faculty about issues affecting the Department’s current and future curriculum offerings, workplace needs, and to promote the Department’s capabilities and accomplishments.  Advisory council members share their expertise in our classroom as guest speakers, evaluating/judging student presentations, serving as clients for class projects, hiring interns, and mentoring students who want to discuss entrepreneurial ideas.


Management Department Advisory Council Members

April DeCrescentis of Medtronic

Debra Parcheta of Blue Marble Jazzercise

Blake Feik of North Valley Bank

Rob Rose of SBDC at Denver Metro Chamber

Samantha Tillotson of Baker & Hostetler LLP

Tris Coffin of Institute for Management Consultants

Kimberly Arnold of Escalate Solutions

Kirby Kuklenski of Ace Hardware

Kerby Meyers of The Communications Refinery

Morgan Alu of Denver Metro SBDC at Denver Metro Chamber

Emily Villano of Buckle 177

Judy George MSU Alum

Lloyd Lewis of ARC Thrift Stores

Teri Karjala of Talking with Teri

David Willman of Tactical Fitness GSA

Program Overview

Top Reasons to Major in Management:

  • The Denver Post reported individuals with a degree in Business Administration/Management and Operations Management earn the highest salaries in Colorado.
  • In the next 8 years the number of Administrative Service Manager jobs will increase by 15%; Human Resource Manager jobs will increase by 13%; Industrial Production Manager jobs will increase by 9%; Training & Development Managers will increase by 15%; and Top Executive jobs will increase by 5%.
  • Median pay is about $81,000 for Administrative Service Managers, $89,000 for Industrial Production Managers, $99,000 for Human Resource Managers, $89,170 for Training and Development Managers, and $165,080 for Top Executives.
  • Gain an understanding of the strongest force for change in the world today – globalization.
  • Learn to manage the total enterprise while honing your interpersonal, critical thinking, analytical, conceptual, and communicative skills.
  • Learn to achieve results by leading others.
  • Learn the challenges facing large and small institutions and identify the options available to meet these challenges.
  • Understand the incredible role that entrepreneurial activity plays in the United States (approximately 80% of US businesses are small companies) and perhaps discover your own entrepreneurial tendencies.
  • Learn that nearly all of us will have the opportunity to enter management positions. Management majors and minors will have the advantage in obtaining these positions.
  • “Everyone has peak performance potential — you just need to know where they are coming from and meet them there.” — Anonymous

What do Students Have to Say About the Management Degree?

“I understand and can implement change-management techniques, I have a solid technical base, I understand corporate hierarchy and organizational structure, I’m able to assess the culture in our corporate and regional offices and I’m able to communicate effectively and professionally to our clients.  I could go on and on, but the point is:  I loved my experience at MSU Denver, and if I could do it again, I would do it the same.” — Amy Nelson (BS in Management 2014).

“My education at MSU Denver was based on real-world experience lived by the professionals who taught my classes, not untested theories found in textbooks.  I was working full time while finishing my degree, so the combination of relevant course work and a class schedule that accommodated the career I was building was crucial to my success.  MSU Denver gave me a solid foundation of skills and real-world knowledge that accelerated my career.  I began working as business manager at Greystone Technology Group upon my enrollment at MSU Denver in 2006.  By 2014, I was promoted to vice president of business operations.  I can’t imagine having achieved so much in such a short amount of time had it not been for the opportunities and experiences MSU Denver allowed me.” –Byron Williams (BS in Management 2008).

What do Business Managers Have to Say About the Management Degree?

“I am so grateful to have been part of MSU Denver’s business consulting program.  This was an amazing learning experience for everyone involved.  I took the advice and implemented it into my business with outstanding results.  I would recommend this program to any business owners at any level”.–Teri Karjala, Creative Counseling Center.

Necessary skills the manager should have include:

  • proficiency in planning, organizing, leading and controlling activities
  • utilization of problem solving methodology to identify and define organizational problems, devise solutions and implement the solution to achieve desired outcomes
  • highly developed interpersonal skills
  • an ability to communicate clearly and persuasively
  • use of sound methods for making decisions
  • innovative thinking, self-reliance, creative independent analysis and sensitivity to social and ethical values

The Management Career

The Management Major curriculum prepares students to pursue a career in human resource management, operations management, entrepreneurship, or general management. The curriculum also provides students with the qualities and necessary skills that an executive/general manager must have to be successful. A minor in Management prepares individuals for the important tasks of supervising others, working in teams, and taking on additional responsibilities in their field of interest.

General managers and top executives formulate policies, set strategies, direct the operations of the business, and ensure that the organization’s objectives are met. In a large organization middle managers may direct one aspect of the organization, such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, purchasing, personnel, training, or administrative services. Middle managers direct their department’s activities within the framework of the organization’s overall plan and help first-line managers and their staffs. First-line managers oversee and motivate workers to achieve the organization’s goals. In small firms, the owner or general manager may be responsible for all purchasing, hiring, training, and other day-to-day duties.

Qualities that an executive/general manager must have to be successful include:

  • leadership abilities
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • decisiveness
  • flexibility
  • sound business judgment
  • the ability to communicate effectively
  • stamina

Necessary skills the executive/general manager should have include:
an analytical mind to assess information
the ability to consider and evaluate the interrelationships of numerous factors
an ability to communicate clearly and persuasively
highly developed interpersonal skills

Online Courses

24/7 Access, Attend classes at your convenience, learn more about online courses:
Everything you need to know about taking online courses.

The Management department currently has the following courses available online:

MGT 2210:  Legal Environmental Business I

MGT 3000:  Organizational Management

MGT 3020:  Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

MGT 3220:  Legal Environment Business II

MGT 3230:  International Business Law

MGT 3530:  Human Resources

MGT 3820:  International Business

MGT 4640:  Employee Training and Development

MGT 4530:  Organizational Behavior

MGT 4950: Strategic Management

The Entrepreneurship Major

The Entrepreneurship Major provides students with skills and knowledge to start and operate a business or non-profit enterprise.

Enjoy flexible schedules with day, night, on-campus, south campus and online course offerings so you can attend class at your convenience. Our programs meet the needs of both traditional and nontraditional students.

Bachelor of Arts – Entrepreneurship

This major will provide students with skills and knowledge to start and operate a business or nonprofit enterprise.


This program provides business majors and non-degree seeking students the skills and knowledge to start their own business.


minor in entrepreneurship provides non-business majors practical knowledge and skills necessary to start and run a business.

Did You Know?

The MSU Denver College of Business has been accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB-accredited schools are widely considered to be the world’s best business schools.

The degree programs in the College of Business at MSU Denver are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Why Study Entrepreneurship in Denver?

“A vibrant entrepreneurial community bolsters the expanding Metro Denver economy. Forbes ranked Denver as the second-best city to launch a start-up business and NerdWallet ranked Denver the fifth-best city in the U.S. for millennial-aged entrepreneurs. The solid business fundamentals in Metro Denver ensure that the region will continue to expand in 2015 and beyond.”

The Denver Metro area continues to attract new companies and draw talented employees. This in turn attracts and promotes entrepreneurial endeavors.

Denver is the fourth-best city to become an entrepreneur.
-Investopedia, 2015

The Denver-Aurora-Lakewood ranked fourth for science and tech professionals.
-WalletHub, 2015

Boulder is the second-most innovative tech hub in America.
NerdWallet, 2015

Businesses started by MSU Denver graduates

  • Unmanned Aircraft Company
  • Chocolate Focused Bakery
  • Microbrew Growler Device
  • Computer Consulting Company
  • Nurse Apparel Company
  • Senior Citizen Home-Helper Company
  • Painting Company
  • Dispensary

International Business Program

The College of Business offers the following International Business Programs:

International Business website



Doing Business in Europe

A Study Abroad Opportunity

In 1999 we began offering MSU Denver students a unique opportunity — spend 3 weeks in Europe visiting companies and gaining first-hand knowledge of international business. Students typically visit 5 countries and 10-12 European businesses. Executives from each firm discuss their business operations, answer student questions, and often take students on a tour of the company.  At the end of the program students report that their entire outlook on international business and other global issues changed dramatically during the program.  They indicate that this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.


Students will visit firms such as:

Metro students join approximately 45 undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the United States and 3 professors.   We work with a company called International Business Seminars that coordinates the student participants, business meetings, hotel accommodations and transportation. This company has been in business about 20 years and is owned and operated by Dr. Dan Brennenstuhl.  While a professor at Arizona State University, Dr. Brennenstuhl developed this program for his students studying International Business.

Some of the benefits students may gain from the experience:

Q         Earn 3 credit hours

Q         Learn how European businesses operate

Q         Learn about European culture

Q         Develop an appreciation for cultural, political, and economic differences

Q         Begin developing a national network of friends

Q        Develop an international network of business acquaintances by meeting business executives

Q        Gain experience that is useful in developing a resume


Students begin their 3 weeks in Europe with  an orientation session. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow students and the professors leading the program.  Here students meet with Dr. Daryl McKee, Dr. Carol Lawrence, and Dr. Dan Brennenstuhl.

Halfway through the session, students will meet for a mid-term discussion. At the end of the 3 week program, students meet for a wrap-up session to discuss what was learned.