Engaging and inspiring the voters and leaders of tomorrow.

The Solution Studio is a new media program designed to engage and inspire the voters and leaders of tomorrow. The Solution Studio provides a format for candidates for public office to focus on proposed solutions, in a manner viewers find informative and engaging.

The Solution Studio is presented by the Institute for Public Service, in partnership with:

The Solution Studio: Attorney General Weiser

Attorney General Phil Weiser Solution Studio Fall 2023

With substantial student involvement from policy to production, the Solution Studio invites Public Servants to “audition” on the strength of their solutions to the most pressing policy issues important to Colorado. Going beyond soundbites, this is an opportunity for dialogue between a single candidate and real students facing real challenges– away from the debate stage, political rally platforms, and their opponents. You, the citizen, will be able to watch these sessions in their entirety or in segments on various media outlets. You can then decide, for yourself, which leader can best envision what it takes to solve intractable problems or develop new opportunities for our community.

For our fall 2023 installment of the Solution Studio, we welcomed Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser . The Colorado Attorney General Solution Studio focuses on how, given recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings, the State of Colorado and the Office of the Attorney General can continue to protect Coloradans. In the wake of the Counterman and 303 Creative rulings, MSU Denver students engaged in a dialog with Attorney General Weiser addressing issues including the intersection of free speech and online stalking, the future of discrimination and public accommodation laws, the Colorado Privacy Act and disinformation in the public square, and upcoming 2nd Amendment challenges and red flag laws.

Our sincere appreciation to all our partners, especially our students, whose work in front of and behind the camera makes the Solution Studio possible. A special thanks to the Attorney General’s Office for their support and engagement with this production.

The Solution Studio™ is a creation of New Voices Strategies,

MSU Denver RED

Kelly Brough and Mike Johnston visit MSU Denver’s Solution Studio to talk with students about their vision for the city’s future.

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Background and Context

Over the past several years, Americans have seen our foundational beliefs and constitutional support for free and fair elections put at risk. While this did not happen overnight, it may be linked to incremental shifts in media coverage of legislative policy, executive action and elections through an entertainment lens.

Due to MSU Denver’s unique and diverse student population, it is essential their voices are included and heard. Initiatives like the Solution Studio provides such an opportunity.

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