The Health Center at Auraria serves as the only medical care facility on the Auraria Campus. As such, we collaborate across campus for emergency, safety and public health concerns in addition to the medical and mental health services available. We also partner with various departments across campus to provide programs, events and referrals.


Health Center staff members actively participate in training programs designed to enhance their appreciation and understanding of diversity and further develop multi-cultural competency. 

We welcome suggestions from our patients for future staff training opportunities and/or ideas for campus-wide diversity programming initiatives. Please share your thoughts with one of our medical providers or Health Center administrators. Together we can create a stronger and more dynamic campus community that recognizes the value, strength and beauty of our inherent differences.

The SHADES Diversity Program

Student Health Advocates for Diversity on Education and Services (SHADES) is the foundation of the Health Center’s commitment to diversity. Each year the Health Center honors individuals from diverse backgrounds for their contributions to science medicine, education and/or their impact on a specific population. A SHADES scholarship has been established and is awarded annually to assist students in their education.

For more information about any component of the SHADES initiative, please contact any of the Health Center’s administrative staff at 303-615-9999.

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