Metropolitan State University of Denver’s transition to Workday is still on track for January’s implementation, and now it’s time to talk about expenses in procurement. The electronic processes for managing travel, expenses and procurement are just another great Workday function.


Here are some of the exciting features employees can look forward to: 

  • Automated routing. Whether you’re entering an expense report or a purchase requisition, the system will automatically route it to the right people for approval.  
  • One connected system with real-time data enables accuracy. Since human resources and finance systems will be connected, any time there is an organizational or personnel change, the system will be updated in real time, allowing for much quicker approvals.  
  • All purchase requisitions will be fully electronic. Employees will no longer need to fill out a form to submit a purchase requisition. All purchase requisitions will be entered directly into Workday, saving time and trees. 
  • Processes will be more transparent. After submitting an expense report or purchase requisition, employees will have “eyes” into the system and be able to track the progress of their request. This means employees will be able to see where the request is at all times and have a line of sight if it hits a speed bump.
  • Expense reports will be streamlined. Employees will be able to enter expense reports directly into Workday. 
    • Expense reports may also be entered while on the go using the Workday mobile app, allowing employees to upload receipts while traveling, making the expense process easier and faster. 
  • Travel and Procurement cards will be separated in Workday. Two processes mean less manual work and better accuracy. By separating these two activities, employees and administrators will experience smoother and less cumbersome processes as well as better efficiency. 
    • Travel cards will be used solely for travel expenses such as hotel and airfare, which will automatically be pulled into an expense report in Workday, making the expense-report process much more efficient for traveling employees. 
    • Procurement cards will be used only for purchasing goods and services. These expenses will be automatically captured in Workday. And to simplify the process even more, all employees will have to do is go into the system to verify the expenses and submit them. The rest will be handled automatically. 

Stay tuned for more Workday news and updates. Also, check out the Workday website for more Workday news.