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Welcome to the Workday webpage, your one-stop shop for information about Workday. We’re glad you’re here! Here, you’ll find the latest news about Workday and much more!

What is Workday?

What is Workday?


Workday is a comprehensive human resources and financial management system that brings together a wide range of HR (Human Resources) and Finance functionality into one single and inclusive system. Watch a fun video to see what makes Workday so cool!

Empowering Employees

Workday enables process efficiencies across the University and empowers our community with access to powerful tools to make timely strategic decisions. Through Workday, employees can use a variety of self-service functionalities to customize their personal information and profile, as well as access job-related data to inform decisions. In Workday there are many tools at our fingertips that make us all more effective and improve how we operate as a higher-ed institution.

Resources & Support

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Workday Launch Support Service

Workday Launch Support Service

A collaborative team of HR, Finance, Payroll and ITS staff are available to help employees with any Workday system issues.

Submit a Workday Help Ticket
Workday Transformation Team

Workday Transformation Team

Visit the Workday Transformation Team in Microsoft Teams to access downloadable versions of Workday resources, like the FAQ document, job aids and other resources as they become available.

Visit the Workday Transformation Team

Training Resources


General Workday Resources

Job Aids, Videos and Demos
Employees have access to numerous training resources to help them learn to use the new Workday system. Workday training covers the tasks within and functionality of the system using a blended approach, including Job Aids, Demos, Videos, and Webinar recordings. All these resources are available in the Workday Transformation Team following this path:

Workday Transformation Team -> General channel -> Files tab -> Select the folder and file based on the type of training resource you are looking for. 

Important to note: The Workday Transformation Team houses the most recent versions of all Workday training materials. Employees should access training resources directly from this Teams site, as job aids may be updated to reflect changes and/or user feedback.

Job Aids and Related Demos

Documents with step-by-step instructions and screenshots explaining how to complete a task or process in Workday.

In the Job Aids and Related Demos folder

Videos and Demos

Short tutorial videos demonstrating how to use many Workday applications and how to complete a variety of tasks through Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) features and functionality.

In the Videos and Demos folder

Webinar Recordings
Recordings of the Workday Webinars are available in the Videos and Demos folder. These sessions were originally held throughout December 2022 and January 2023 and covered especially complex processes and/or tasks. Learn about the following topics by viewing the recordings:

Manager Self-Service

Participants will learn to utilize the MSU Denver Workday system as needed to complete daily job duties and applicable managerial tasks at go-live. Time Off/Absence, as well as staffing topics will be covered. Participants will learn about the Team Absence Application, Position Management, the Hiring and Termination processes, and Job Changes.

Expenses for Travel

Participants will learn to utilize the MSU Denver Workday system as needed to complete administrative financial tasks. In this session we will focus on how to create a Spend Authorization and how to create an Expense Report.

Requisitions & Receipts

Participants will learn to utilize the MSU Denver Workday system as needed to complete administrative financial tasks. In this session, we will focus on how to create a Finance Requisition, create a Receipt, and make a Receipt Adjustment.


Participants will learn to utilize the MSU Denver Workday system as needed to complete administrative financial tasks. In this session we will focus on the Procurement Card Transaction Verification process.

Maximizing Workday

Workday Tips: Here are some Workday Tips to maximize your Workday usage and enhance your experience using Workday.

Top 10 Key Actions: See below the most common actions employees, especially newly-hired employees, should be should be taking in Workday to maximize their Workday profile and usage. For each task, the corresponding job aid has also been linked.

The 10 most common Workday tasks and actions and resources for support

Key actions and job aids are listed and organized by topic and job-aid subfolder. Employees can access these job aids and many more in the Job Aids and Related Demos folder in the Workday Transformation Team.

Navigation path: Workday Transformation Team > Job Aids and Related Demos > Job Aid Subfolder


Subfolder: Getting Started & Navigation

  1. Learn how to navigate Workday: Employee Navigation Getting Started in Workday for Employees Job Aid
  2. Download and set up the Workday Mobile app: Employee_Mobile_Workday Mobile_Job Aid

Subfolder: Personal Information

  1. Add/change your Workday photo:Employee_Personal Information_Change my Photo_Job Aid
  2. Change personal information (home address, phone number, etc.): Employee_Personal Information_Manage Contact Information_Job Aid
  3. Verify and edit (if needed) date of birth and Social Security number: Employee_Personal Information_Verify Personal Information_Job Aid

Subfolder: Pay

  1. Manage payment elections (direct deposit info):Employee_Pay_Manage Payment Elections_Job Aid
  2. Update tax withholdings (W-4):Employee_Pay_Complete Tax Withholdings_Job Aid
  3. View or print payslips:Employee_Pay_View Print Payslips_Job Aid

Subfolder: Benefits

  1. Change benefit elections due to a life event: Employee_Benefits_Change Benefits for Life Event_Job Aid
  2. Add or change beneficiaries: Employee_Benefits_Add or Change Beneficiaries_Job Aid

Project Background

The Workday Project is a major institution-wide initiative that was made possible by generous funding from the State of Colorado. Learn why and how MSU Denver decided to implement Workday as their new Enterprise Resource Planning system on the Workday Project Background webpage.