With Metropolitan State University of Denver’s move to Workday, many business processes are more streamlined and automated, including several Human Resources activities that support and promote the employee life cycle. 

For employees to have a successful and meaningful career at MSU Denver, it is important to properly onboard/offboard employees and engage them throughout their career. Below are some reminders, tips and resources to help, as well as new Workday training that is available to further support employees. 

Employee onboarding

Ongoing employee engagement 

  • Supervisors: 
    • Visit the Learning and Development site for: 
      • Leadership resources to support coaching/developing, engagement, and diversity, equity and inclusion. 
      • Activities for individual and team development. 
    • Conduct “Stay” interviews regularly to maintain connections with employees.  

Employee offboarding/termination

  • Supervisors: 
    • Inform HR of employee’s departure by initiating a voluntary termination in Workday.  
    • Submit an Information Technology Services ticket to ensure that access/security permissions are addressed according to protocol. This step is critical and must be completed prior to the employee’s departure to ensure deactivation promptly after the employee’s last day.  
    • Talk to your Senior HR Partner to align on next steps. 
      • Is a replacement needed? Is the role evolving? Will the work be absorbed by members of the team?  

All job aids to support onboarding/offboarding activities are on the Workday Transformation Team (General Channel) in the Employment & Job Changes folder.  

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that employees take these steps to foster a positive employee experience regardless of where the employee is within the employee life cycle. Following these steps will ensure that employees have the tools needed to do their job successfully and guarantee that MSU Denver is compliant with local, state and federal employment laws to mitigate risk and promote safety and security for the University and its employees. 

Workday Workshops and more training available 

In-person, instructor-led Workday Workshops will be available in March to provide employees with additional targeted training and hands-on opportunities to learn more about Workday and how to execute a variety of onboarding and offboarding tasks and processes, such as: 

  • Recruiting and onboarding (job requisitions, applicants, offers/onboarding) 
  • Team management (job changes, activity/one-time pay, time/absence) 
  • Employee basics (time/absence, pay information, career/learning) 

Registration is now open for the Workday Workshops. To register, please visit the MSU Denver Events Calendar and type “Workday” into the calendar search to filter results.  

Additional training resources: To access more Workday training, employees should visit the Workday Transformation Team to view:  

Note: The Workday Transformation Team houses the most recent versions of all Workday training materials. Employees should access training resources directly from this Team site, as job aids may be updated to reflect changes and/or user feedback.  

Workday has enabled process efficiencies so employees have more time to focus on the work that really matters. Following proper onboarding/offboarding protocols supports employee engagement and Pillar V of the University’s 2030 Strategic Plan: Organization Agility and Sustainability. It also helps MSU Denver achieve its goal to become one of Colorado’s most desired places of employment.

For questions regarding onboarding or offboarding activities, employees should contact their Senior HR Partner.