The Cyber Range

MSU Denver is proud to announce that it has partnered with Purdue University to establish The Cyber Range at MSU Denver which will afford students the opportunity to gain much needed hands-on experience through simulated high-speed and realistic scenarios in a controlled and fully assessed training environment.



The Cyber Range at MSU Denver will deliver “Defender” and “Raider” as well as “Ransomware” scenarios.  These will be coordinated by a Range Instructor and initially offered as team exercises. They will provide performance-based learning and assessment in a simulated environment where students can work together to improve teamwork, test ideas, solve complex problems and get real-time feedback.  It will also allow students to gain hands-on experience with the commercial-grade security tools they will be expected to be proficient with on arrival in the workforce.  This will reduce the training burden for employers, making students more attractive hires.

To read Richard Mac Namee’s full interview, view the Early Bird article on The Cyber Range


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