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MSU Denver has been designated by the National Security Agency (NSA) as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense.

"National Security Agency - United States of America""National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity"

From the Director


“Welcome to The Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver.  Established as part of our NSA Center of Academic Excellence application we form part of the Department of Criminal Justice Criminology.  We are a resource that supports our multidisciplinary academic programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels in collaboration with our colleagues in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science.  In addition, we are also able to offer Professional Development in the form of certifications as well as customized Industry and Public Sector Education. 


At MSU Denver we are constantly striving to adhere to our mantra of reimagining possible.  In the domain of cybersecurity, we have introduced major changes in our approach to the education of Colorado’s and the nation’s next cybersecurity “Operators” in order that they are able to contribute effectively in the workforce immediately following graduation and, be comfortable with the rapidly shifting demands in this dynamic field. 


We have leveraged our collective years of experience and established a Cybersecurity Multi-Use Training Environment (C-MUTE) in which we immerse trainees into the environment, empower them with tools and skills required to succeed, enabling them to evolve better prepared to operate, manage, and lead in the ever-shifting domain of cybersecurity. 


Our academic programs are supplemented with hands-on experience inside the C-MUTE achieved in partnership with Atos through a “Live” on-campus Security Operations Center (SOC) servicing real-world clients.  In this environment students are able to intern within the SOC and gain real-world experience utilizing commercial grade security tools. In addition, beyond acquiring entry-level SOC Analyst skills, students will be exposed to the fields of Incident Response and Forensics as well as having the opportunity to train as a Cyber Threat Hunter using the Mantix4 platform. 


Additionally, to ensure that students have the ability to develop that muscle-memory needed to thrive in this fast-paced operational environment, students can practice their skills through a series of “Defender”, “Raider” and “Ransomware” scenarios in The Cyber Range at MSU Denver available through our partnership with Purdue University. 


Running in parallel with our academic degree programs, The Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver is proud to announce that having been formally appointed as an Authorized Partner to CompTIA, we have created a series of Cybersecurity Certification Clubs (C3).  C3 affords students the opportunity to acquire industry acknowledged professional certifications including ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+ CySA+ and PenTest+. C3 will also be made available to Adult Learners seeking to re-train for a new career as well as selected High School students looking to learn more about this dynamic and challenging sector. 


Finally, all degree students will complete their studies with a Capstone during which they are exposed to the “Soft Skills” required to progress into management and leadership positions. 


In closing, my colleagues and I would be delighted to have you join as at MSU Denver and become a part of one of our innovative and cutting-edge programs.  Be it refining what you already know or re-tooling as part of a career change, MSU Denver has the expertise and passion to empower you to succeed.” 


Richard C. Mac Namee

Director of the Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver

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Director of the Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver

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