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Individualized Degree Program-Announcements and Deadlines


IDP proposals should be submitted within 3 - 6 months of when you start developing your IDP, but at least one year prior to graduation. The earlier you develop your proposal, the more choices you have! And please remember, there is a requirement that you have credit hours not yet completed within your IDP program when the proposal is signed by the department chair. The number varies according to the IDP program you choose: 21 for an IDP extended major, 15 for an IDP major, and 6 for an IDP minor. (Refer to the guidelines for other specific requirements for each program.)

We strongly encourage early advising and submission of IDP proposals. Until your IDP proposal is submitted and fully approved by faculty, chair, and dean, we cannot ensure that you are on track to graduate.

The following are deadlines for submitting completed IDP proposals to our office:

Spring semester graduates (Commencement in May): You must send your IDP advisor a draft proposal (degree plan and essay) by the end of the first week of classes in the fall. You must have your formal proposal reviewed and signed by the appropriate faculty and department chair by the last day of September. 

Summer semester graduates (Commencement can be in either May or December, but the degree itself is only granted when all coursework is completed):  You must send your IDP advisor a draft proposal by the end of the first week of classes in the spring, so that you can have your final, signed proposal back in our office by the last day of February. 

Fall semester graduates (Commencement in December): A draft of your proposed degree plan and rationale essay should be submitted to your IDP advisor no later than the last day of April. Your final proposal, signed by faculty and chair must be received in our office by the last day of May.


Possibilities for graduation on time diminish with each passing day after these deadlines. The deadlines above will ensure timely graduation. Students beginning or completing an IDP proposal outside these dates should consult with their IDP advisor and recognize that official graduation may be delayed by one or more semesters. 

Please consult carefully with your IDP advisor to be sure that you submit your proposal in a timely fashion.

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to submitting your signed IDP proposal to our office, candidates for graduation must apply to graduate online through the Student Hub. See the Registrar's website or visit their office in SSB for dates (during the semester prior to when you plan to graduate). If your IDP proposal has not yet been submitted, with signatures from your faculty advisor and department chair, you may not apply for graduation. 

For more information or to set an appointment with your Center advisor, please call us (303) 615-0525.

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