A New AI Resource for Faculty and Staff

Rowdy’s Roadmap: Your AI-Powered Advising Assistant


Please note that this is not a student-facing tool at this time. Rowdy’s Roadmap has been developed for Faculty and Staff use.

Message Dr. Sam Jay ([email protected]) to submit feedback to the development team.

Updates and Training Requests

Advisor or Coach Staffing Update Form

Supervisors use this form to inform Advising Systems of employee changes like onboarding new hires, offboarding staff who are leaving, or letting us know about someone on extended leave. After submitting this form supervisors are provided with an automated email detailing next steps.

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Request SSC Navigate Training

Chairs and department leads use this form to request SSC Navigate training for their faculty or staff. We can do individual or group sessions either in person or virtually. Filling out this form starts a conversation about your training needs and schedule. Learn about our training process plan here.

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New Academic Planning Tool

We’re happy to introduce a new tool designed to help make advising interactions smoother and more efficient – the Next Gen Academic Planner from Navigate360. This tool is not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer
allowing advisors and students to work collaboratively and create semester-by-semester plans. Here’s why Next Gen Academic Planner is a valuable tool to use with students. It is:

  Users can access academic plans at any time, anywhere digitally.

Adaptable: Goals and plans change; so should the tools we use as advisors. Academic Planner helps adjust to evolving student needs as they plan their path to graduation.

Guiding: Help students understand and account for program requirements and personal interests.

Collaborative: Using this platform fosters strong collaborative efforts between students and advisors through meaningful interactions.


Curious to learn more? Take a step towards streamlined academic planning by exploring Next Gen Academic Planner resources on the Advising Systems Resources SharePoint site. 


Navigate Has a New Name - Navigate360

Navigate, sometimes also called SSC Navigate or SSC, has a new name. The platform has been rebranded and is now called Navigate360. You’ll start to see the new name and logo in resources. The name was changed to reflect growth and enhancements to the product roadmap. EAB, the Navigate360 parent company, is launching new recruitment tools, adding AI features, and building in features to support advancement and fundraising.

Training and Development