MSU Denver recognizes quality academic advising as a complex and increasing contributor to student success. As such, the institution has established a promotional model for professional academic advisors to reward the increasing breadth and depth of understanding, knowledge, and skills required to successfully carry out the MSU Denver advising mission.  

Promotion Process

Professional academic advisors should access available resources to prepare for the promotional process and review FAQ materials, etc. Then in consultation with their direct supervisor, professional academic advisors may choose to apply for promotion during identified windows of time. Once applications are submitted, they enter a review process that includes direct supervisor, advising coordinator as applicable, and a select review team comprised of members of the Executive Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (EUAAC).  Final promotion decisions are made by the direct supervisor and communicated through the appropriate channels to Human Resources. 

Promotion Checklists and FAQs


1. Access available materials to learn more about the promotion process.

2. Complete an application for the semester. Below are the promotion application deadlines for each semester:

Spring: March 1

Fall: October 1

3. Applications are reviewed during a 3 to 4 week period immediately following the promotion deadline.

4. Applicants are notified of decisions and, if approved, HR begins updates.

The Promotional Model

A collaborative effort of both advisors and administrators, the promotional model as been developed to ensure professional academic advisors across the institution continue to advance their understanding, knowledge and skills. It recognizes three advancing levels of direct advising in service to the students and the institution: Advisor I, Advisor II, and Advisor III.

Promotional Model Goals

  • Define consistent advisor role expectations, requirements, and opportunities 
  • Recognize and reward excellence in:
    • Advising delivery to students
    • Service to the institution and profession 
  • Establish, articulate, and support development opportunities at all advisor levels 

Submit Promotion Application

You are encouraged to read the questions in the application and compose your answers in a separate document before submitting.

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