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Admissions Forms

 You may submit any of these forms directly to the Office of Admissions, email them to, or fax them to 720-778-5794.


Status Change Request Form

Change from non-degree to degree seeking or vice versa.

How To Send Transcripts

Request your official transcripts from another institution be sent to MSU Denver.

In-State Correction Form

Correct your residency information as a new or re-admit student.

High School or GED Information Form

Correct or provide your high school or GED information for your admissions application.

Semester Change Request Form

Change your semester entry term for enrollment.

International Student Semester Change Request Form

Change your semester entry term for enrollment.

Parent and/or Student Signature Form

Provide a missing signature for your admissions application. If you are under 18, your parent/guardian signature is also required.

Admissions Letter Request Form

Request an additional copy of your acceptance letter be sent to you.

Change of Address Request Form

Change the address on your application BEFORE having been accepted.

Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR) Form

Provide information regarding the fulfillment of HEAR requirements.

Citizenship / Visa Type Form

Provide information regarding country of citizenship or visa type.

Petition for In-State Tuition

Update your residency information as a continuing or emancipated student.

Emancipation Determination Form

Provide proof of financial independance for residency as an emancipated student.


If you have any questions about these forms, please contact the Office of Admissions at 303-556-3058 or email    


Campus Safety and Compliance

MSU Denver is committed to the safety of its students and employees.

To find out more and get the annual security report, visit Campus Safety and Compliance.
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