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Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Depressed?

Balancing the demands of college life can be difficult. In addition to academic requirements, there are financial pressures, relationship issues, and job stressors that can leave you feeling beat up and worn out. The Counseling Center staff can help you find ways to manage difficult times and provide you with a comforting place to examine your life and learn more about yourself so you can realize your potential.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment for their first visit.

 Crisis Intervention


Dealing with Mass Shootings

Self-Help Library

Online Assessment  Many students have little, free, unscheduled time to pursue the types of self-care that they would like. We have made it possiblefor you to do an online screening for eating disorders, alcohol, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and bipolar disorder through our website. After clicking on this link use"METROSTATE" for your password.  Then select the screening that you would like to take. Results are communicated instantly. Share your results when you come in for a visit.

U Life Line  You may click on this link for a variety of self-help mental health topics such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress management, or information about suicide. You can also complete anonymous questionnaires on similar topics to get a preliminary screening. Do follow-up on recommendations for professional care as indicated.