5280 Trail Art

The Downtown Denver Partnership 5280 Trail is a bold, visionary project to transform how the public right-of-way is used in Downtown Denver. The 5280 Trail links neighborhoods and connects people by reimagining underutilized streets into the essential Downtown experience uniting urban life with Colorado’s outdoor culture. The project prioritizes people, health, culture and nature.

The 5280 Trail runs through the Auraria Campus and includes three distinct sculptures.

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a stone sculpture


Artist: Walter Ware III
Location 9th Street and Champa
“I see the world through the lens of cultural artifacts. The past, the present, and the future are connected; they share an important and relevant dialog in my artistic concept. I believe there is an inherent power in objects that have been handled by humans and that these objects become more than the sum of their parts: they are products of human ingenuity.” Ware earned a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from CU Denver.

Visit Ware’s website to learn more about the artist and see more work.

metal sculpture with arrows in arrows


Artist: Emily Zeek
Location: 11th and Lawrence
Zeek is a self-described transmedia and social practice artist who works across the mediums of sculpture, photography, and performance. Sculpturally, Zeek’s processes include oxyacetylene bending and welding steel metal rods into a variety of configurations that fit a conceptual narrative around diversity, feminism and existentialism. Zeek earned their BFA in Transmedia Sculpture, from CU Denver and a BS in Engineering Physics (Magna Cum Laude) from the Colorado School of Mines.

Visit Zeek’s website to learn more about the artist and see more work.

blue 3d triangle with a a triangle hole and black/white paisley corners


Artist: Joshua Ware
Location: 11th & Walnut
Interdisciplinary Denver creative Joshua Ware creates two dimensional and three dimensional mixed media artwork. Ware says, “By merging disparate artistic lineages, I seek to produce l’art du bricolage that promotes a pragmatic and inclusive approach to the creative process.” Ware earned a PhD in English Literature and Creative Writing—Poetry, from the University of Nebraska. He also earned an MA in English Literature—Poetry from CU Denver, as well as a BS in Management Information Systems from Miami University and his BA in English Literature from Ohio University.

Visit Ware’s website to learn more about the artist and see more work.