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Political Science Major

The role of the executive branch. Legal history. Generational shifts in the electorate. And global politics. What does it all mean for you, your community and the world?

As an MSU Denver Political Science student, you will study America’s political system and processes, nation-state behavior and comparative political systems and methods. Plus you will have the chance to focus on either the politics of the United States or international/comparative politics, all while building critical perspective, analytical proficiencies and communication skills that will help you understand and grapple with complex local, national and global affairs.

Your Political Science program will also connect to real-world local and national politics. MSU Denver offers extensive internship and cooperative education opportunities that prepare you for careers in government, law, journalism, business or wherever you see yourself working to improve the status quo.  In fact, 30% of our majors participated in an internship by the time they graduate.  And our classes are not limited to our borders, as you can enroll in faculty-led study-abroad courses as well.

Political Science Major Requirements

 Sample Classes

  • American National Government
  • Political Systems and Ideas
  • Conducting Political Analysis
  • Political Theory
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Public Administration
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Environmental Politics
  • European Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • Applied Political Research Lab


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