If you want to talk to students, where’s the best place to connect with them? Where they already are! 

While February is a short month, it’s a busy season for us as Department of Accounting staff visit each of our undergraduate accounting classes whether through an in-person class visit, a virtual Teams meeting presentation, or a recorded video shared out to online asynchronous students.  

Why do we do this? For a few distinct reasons. This semesterly visit is a connection point and an opportunity to reiterate all the student support resources available to them, share any upcoming relevant events, and start the conversation about what is potentially in their future after graduation…graduate school. It gives students permission to pause, reconnect with their why, and highlight potential next steps on the way to achieving their academic and professional goals.  

To best target the message of this class visit to where a student may be in their undergraduate degree journey, we’ve crafted 3 different presentations. Check them out below! 

Class visit #1 – What’s next for YOU?

This is for freshmen or early sophomore level classes, like ACC 2010 Principles of Accounting I, taken by various College of Business majors. 

Class visit #2 – How to prepare for what comes next?

This is for classes commonly taken by sophomores or early juniors, like ACC 2020 Principles of Accounting II, ACC 3090 Income Tax, and ACC 3510 Intermediate Accounting I.

Class visit #3 – Make your next step happen!

This is for the rest of our upper-division accounting courses, generally taken by second-semester juniors and seniors, particularly accounting majors and minors.