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Policies for @MSU Denver suite of publications

The @MSU Denver suite of publications includes:

  • MSU Denver Newsroom, official news resource for MSU Denver:
  • News@MSU Denver, an email sent to all MSU Denver employees, published daily
  • Special Edition @MSU Denver, an email that provides breaking major news stories, published as needed
  • Today@MSU Denver, news feed available on the Student Hub homepage


@MSU Denver does not accept advertising, paid or nonpaid.

@MSU Denver will publish a correction to an article in the next edition when a factual error has occurred.

Under certain circumstances and if time permits, @MSU Denver will allow review of an article before publication. 

Note on Special Edition @MSU Denver
Special Edition @MSU Denver is reserved for major breaking news, including, but not limited to, personnel changes in the University's senior leadership, budget and tuition updates, legislative news, emergency health notices from the Health Center at Auraria and votes by the Board of Trustees on University initiatives.

Note on MSU Denver Events Calendar

University departments may submit events to the online event calendar but accessing the public event submission form at:

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