Are online degrees worth the cost?   

We’ve all heard horror stories of students who were duped into spending time and tuition earning online degrees, only to find out later that certain employers weren’t impressed with the credential they received. Unfortunately, these students often fell afoul of disreputable organizations that oversold their qualifications. 

Today, however, earning a degree online can be a perfect choice for students who enroll at trustworthy universities. Online degrees are becoming more and more common as nontraditional students seek out hybrid and distance-learning alternatives to the traditional college campus. 


Why Pursue an Online Degree? 

Student on a laptop, outside in Downtown Denver.When earned at accredited institutions, online college degrees are just as valid as degrees earned by attending classes on campus. In the hands of a skilled instructor, online courses can even be more engaging than face-to-face counterparts for some. The biggest difference is the flexibility they typically offer nontraditional students. 

A nontraditional student is one who doesn’t fit the traditional college student stereotype – 18-22 years old, attending full-time on-campus. This may means they’re already established in a career, but want to change jobs or improve their marketability. Many nontraditional students have family or financial obligations that prevent them from earning a degree by attending class on campus as a full-time student. For this segment of the population, earning a degree online could be a smart, workable solution.  

If you’ve thought about attending classes online to earn a certificate,  bachelor’s degree or  master’s degree, we invite you to learn more about Metropolitan State University of Denver. As a well-respected institution, credits earned here are well-respected and transferable – though after experiencing our teaching-driven difference, you’ll probably want to stay here. A degree from MSU Denver may help propel you to the top of the applicant pool. 


Why Should I Choose MSU Denver for My Online Degree? 

Students choose MSU Denver for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important factors is accreditation. Regional accreditation is the industry standard in higher education, assuring students, loan providers and employers alike in the validity and solvency of an institution.  MSU Denver is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, meaning your degree is a sound investment, and your credits are worth what you paid for them.  

Other benefits offered by MSU Denver include: 


  1. Multiple Online Degree Programs, Certificates, and Minors

MSU Denver offers a variety of online programs that highlight different career paths. Whether you’re interested in earning your bachelor’s degree in Accounting or your master’s in Social Work, we offer challenging and affordable online coursework that prepares you to hit the ground running after graduation. 

We also offer a full range of certificate options, including: 

  • Airport Management 
  • Cybercrime Investigation 
  • Instructional Technology 
  • Space Commercialization 
  • Water Studies 

While certificate courses are not part of formal degree programs, they may serve as a launching pad into one or good investments for individuals wishing to enhance industry knowledge and increase promotion opportunities.  

Students can further customize their degrees with a choice of a minor or concentration in several programs to complement their major. We offer online minors in business, film and media studies, history, and sociology, to name some of our more popular options. 


  1. Flexible Online Classes

Attending college online often gives you greater flexibility to maneuver around life and work responsibilities. This may translate into taking fewer classes over a longer period or attending class at night.

As an online student, you’re still eligible to join college clubs and organizations that interest you. And you’re eligible to compete for valuable internships to further your industry knowledge and experience, too.  

Students often enroll in online programs at MSU Denver because: 

  • They live too far away to attend in person 
  • They enjoy the experience of fitting school around their current schedule 
  • They have a job that demands flexibility 
  • They enjoy the distance-learning platform 

You don’t even have to live in Colorado to earn a degree from MSU Denver. Graduates from our online programs live and work around the globe, locally applying the skills and knowledge they gained as a student in one of our online certificate or degree programs. 


  1. Affordable Tuition

MSU of Denver offers tuition that’s lower than all other major 4-year institutes of higher learning in Colorado one of the best values in higher education. Additionally, financial aid may be available to those who qualify. Approximately 49.8 percent of MSU Denver students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants or both. And on-campus employment may be an option for students who live nearby.  

To learn more about financial assistance to attend MSU of Denver online, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. 


  1. Scholarship Opportunities

Students have many opportunities to attend MSU Denver with the help of various scholarships and grants. Hundreds of external scholarships are available, along with roughly the same amount of foundational scholarship options. Some of our offerings include:  

  • The Reisher Scholars Program 
  • Stephen & Ruth Jordan Endowed Scholarship for Leadership 
  • Kingdom Enlightenment 
  • Captain E.B. Jeppesen Endowed Memorial Scholarship 
  • Scholarship Real Estate 
  • MSU Denver Earned Scholarship 
  • President’s Academic Achievement High School 
  • Raise-Me Micro Scholarships 
  • Indigenous & Native People’s Grant 

This is only the smallest sampling of grant and scholarship help that’s available to eligible students who earn their degree at MSU Denver. For a more complete compilation, visit our External Scholarship List. 


  1. An Unbeatable Value

When you’re ready to begin changing the trajectory of your current or future career, we invite you to consider  an online degree through Metropolitan State University of Denver.  

An online degree from MSU Denver sends a powerful message to employers that you’re invested in your industry and that you plan to succeed. And for those non-traditional students who have young children to raise, jobs to attend, or other responsibilities that limit how and where they can attend college, MSU Denver‘s online degree programs are a perfect solution.  

Don’t let geography or finances stand in the way of how far you’ll go. Enroll in a certificate or degree program at MSU Denver today and take that first step in securing a bright and rewarding future. 

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