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‌Scholarly instruction and practical experiences are at the core of our mission, vision, and values.


The Recreation Professions program provides scholarly instruction and practical experiences to prepare students as skilled recreation professionals and leaders.  Emulating the missions of the Health Professions Department and MSU Denver, our student success is achieved through a diverse, multi-disciplinary design that focuses on excellence in teaching and learning.


The Recreation Profession program within the Department of Health Professions, with the contributions of dedicated professionals, will continue to provide educational and practical instruction to establish a solid foundation in recreation and leisure studies.


  • Support student creativity and individual diversity
  • Encourage student leadership both on and off campus
  • Promote health and wellness within classroom and practical settings
  • Encourage community engagement through service and volunteerism
  • Nurture community relationships with recreation professionals and alumni
  • Continue to provide meaningful learning experiences to support individual growth and increase knowledge-base in recreation services


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