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Health Care Management Internships are vital components to our curriculum.

HCM 50

Internships provide an opportunity for students to integrate their didactic course work into a real world situation. Students are given the chance to apply the principles, theories and techniques learned during coursework to actual health care management situations. It is crucial that students use the internship experience as a way to gain insight and experience in the field.  Completing a field experience is a requirement of all graduating students at MSU Denver. Furthermore, AUPHA (our certifying organization) requires that students in all certified Health Care Management programs complete a faculty supervised field internship.

Health Care Management Internship (HCM 4610)

The internship is the senior experience that serves as the culmination of the Health Care Management Program. A total of 150 hours will be completed during the internship. The student will complete a variety of deliverables including a journal documenting the experiences gained throughout the internship, a presentation illustrating the internship outcomes, and a final portfolio.

Goals of the Internship:

  • The intern will complete objectives (projects) in the area of health care management and not just assigned daily administrative tasks, like filing. 
  • Ideally, the objectives should be something meaningful that will help the organization, as well as help the student.
  • The intern should be exposed to the functioning and administration of as much of the organization as possible. 
  • The Internship experience should expose students to real world situations prior to launching their career in health care management.

Duration and Timing:

  • During the internship process student must complete a minimum of 150 field hours. 
  • Please note that this represents the minimum number of hours that must be completed. 
  • It is possible that a student may need or want to do more and this is acceptable. 
  • This hour total applies regardless of the semester in which the student does the Internship.

Important to note:

  • All internships must be within a health care organization. 
  • Completing your internship at your place of employment is highly discouraged. 
  • The only time this is ever considered a possibility is if you work for a very large organization and you are able to find an internship in a different department/office, completing projects/objectives that have nothing to do with your current job, and with a preceptor who is not your boss or responsible for your employment in any way.

Health Care Internship Placements
  • Kaiser Permanente: Small and Large Group Underwriting Department Readiness
  • Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America: Advocacy Research for Uninsured and Underinsured
  • Apria Healthcare: Increasing Quality of Customer Service Between Offshore Partners & Patients at Home
  • Veterans Administration (Colorado): Veterans Administration Health Care Eligibility Internship Project
  • Vanguard Communications: Increasing Quantity of New Patients: Education, Relations, and Website Management
  • Integrative Health Inc.: Readiness and Implementation of ICD-10
  • The Acupuncture Lounge: Holistic Medicine Recognition-Spiritual and Wellness Through Acupuncture
  • Pinnacol Assurance: Innovative Ways to Enhance the Employee Experience During the Recruiting and Onboarding Process By Auditing and Surveying the New Hire Experience and Analyzing the Data
  • Children’s Hospital Colorado: Developing an External Department of Anesthesiology Website
  • Platte Valley Medical Center: Emergency Department Director Intern
Health Care Internship Option A:
  • Students can gain access to the MSU Denver Career Link website
  • Career Link allows you to:
    • post your resume;
    • set up a search agent;
    • apply for positions (jobs and internships);
    • sign up for workshops and on-campus recruiting events
  • If you find your internship utilizing Career Link, you will start an Application for Academic Credit that can be found on the Career Link website
  • Once your application is approved, you can register for HCM 4610
Health Care Internship Option B:
  • Students can find an internship on their own
  • Students can also work with HCM faculty or an HCM advisor to explore internship options
  • You will need to get the internship job description from your internship preceptor/supervisor
  • Once the internship details are agreed upon, you will start an Application for Academic Credit that can found on the Career Link website
  • Once your application is approved, you can register for HCM 4610
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