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2014-15 Priority Issues



  • Is there a chance for faculty to get back into PERA?
  • Increase faculty salaries to at or above CUPA comparators to encourage preeminence and recognize that Denver is an expensive metropolitan area compared to our peer institutions
  • Compensation for additional faculty work like supervising independent study, internships or undergraduate research projects.
  • Establish a system for providing faculty with start–up grants for research
  • Pay for overloads
  • Transitional retirement is only 1 years long? Look at a longer transitional period


Workplace Environment

  • Free Faculty Parking
  • Smoke-Free Campus
  • How are decisions about building renovations made?  What is the faculty input?
  • Is the FMLA enforced consistently across departments and divisions?
  • Establish a process for affiliate faculty to transition into tenure/tenure track positions
  • Homelessness: Among students?
  • ADA issues or enforcement for faculty
  • Mental health issues across campus
  • Campus safety: Active shooting situations. In departments and classrooms. Locking doors (Classroom doors opening the wrong way. No locks on doors, etc).  How to deal with active threats against faculty, staff, students.
  • Classroom space: how is it assigned? Need Real Smart classrooms in all classrooms that actually work as designed
  • Water fountains that can fill water bottles:  none in science building. We want some.
  • Search committees: software issues, being kicked out of system. 
  • Establish two fall breaks?
  • Can students major and minor in same department
  • Banner issues: Some major/minor requirements cannot be enforced.



  • Provide release time for scholarly work, grant writing, supervision of undergraduate research
  • Advising inequalities between departments, perhaps having dedicated advisors in large departments to relieve some of the advising pressures
  • Faculty workload units for lab courses, providing teaching load credit for faculty who supervise labs
  • Reduce teaching loads (maybe a 3/3 or 3/4) so faculty can pursue research befitting a university.
  • Some classes divide the lab requirement from the classroom teaching so the professor of record doesn’t supervise all of the students in the associated lab.  Only teaching half of the course. Other by lab assistant {Compensation based upon enrollment. Having 1 class, 2 labs but only compensated for 1}
  • CAT 2 decision: 5-5 teaching load needs to be revisited
  • Disconnect between advising and Registrar Office (Bad advising concerns, inconsistent advising to students).
  • Office hours: what is the purpose? Advising? Professional? Career?


Policy/Inclusive Leadership

  • Protecting faculty intellectual property and faculty ownership of course content, especially correspondence courses and supplemental instructional materials
  • Inconsistent office hours across departments
  • Revision of professional misconduct policies
  • Establishing RTP/PTR guideline for evaluation “grandfathering” so faculty are not trying to hit a “moving target”.
  • Increasing pressures for research and publication as a condition for tenure.  Is this the best thing for our students?
  • Re-evaluate tuition policy that encourages students to take five or more classes.  It encourages students to take too many classes for them to be successful.  Would the University bring in more tuition dollars if it rescinded this policy?
  • Minimum class size requirements in upper-division courses need to be re-evaluated or eliminated  because they damage small majors
  • What are the responsibilities of faculty when not on contract?
  • Handbook committee should meet more often than every 90 days.
  • Faculty vote for department chairs should be binding.
  • Quasi tenure review process for Cat 2
  • How long paperwork can be held up on each level?  General policy and administration paperwork stalls.
  • SRI’s: Screening out inappropriate student comments.  Using the wrong statistics from the SRI report for faculty evaluation.  Unhappiness with student evaluations. Eliminate it as a measure?
  • Clearer and quick curriculum review process.


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