First Name Last Name Email Caucus Dept. Term Ends
Karam Adibifar [email protected] SOSC SOAN 2024
Rosemarie Allen [email protected] SOSC TED2 2025
Jenny Allert [email protected] HEALTH NUR 2024
Pamela Ansburg [email protected] MASC PSYC 2025
Brian Bagwell [email protected] HEALTH HSC 2024
Biff Baker [email protected] BUS MKT 2025
Zsuzsa Balogh [email protected] ASC EAET 2025
Micah Battson [email protected] HEALTH NUT 2024
Karina Benabe [email protected] HEALTH SWK 2025
Meg Bertoni [email protected] ASC CJC/Affiliate 2025
Michael Bernhardt [email protected] AHUM ART 2024
Shahar Boneh [email protected]  MASC MAST 2024
Michael Botyarov [email protected] CHAS AVS 2025
Emily Brower [email protected] HEALTH NUR 2024
Angela Busila [email protected]  BUS ACC 2025
Bill Carnes [email protected]  BUS MGT 2024
Jeremy Castle [email protected] SOSC PSC 2024
Silu Cheng [email protected]  BUS FIN 2024
Michele Clark [email protected] BUS MGT 2024
Kelly Conroy [email protected] AHUM LANG 2024
Lincoln Davie [email protected] ASC SOH 2025
Grant Denn [email protected] MASC PHY 2024
Sonny Dhoot [email protected] SOSC GITA 2025
Chereka Dickerson [email protected] AHUM ENG 2025
Cynthia Erickson [email protected] MASC PSYC 2025
Brooke Evans [email protected] MASC MAST 2025
Kelly Evans [email protected] HEALTH ESS 2025
Alex Fayman [email protected] BUS FIN 2024
Philip Ficsor [email protected] AHUM MUS 2025
David Fontenot [email protected] ASC CJC 2025
Julian Friedland [email protected] BUS MKT 2024
Meg Frisbee [email protected] AHUM HIS 2024
Glenn Furton [email protected] BUS ECO 2024
Steve Geinitz [email protected] ASC CS 2024
Nicolette Giasolli [email protected] MASC BIO 2024
Andrew Gillespie [email protected] MASC PHY/Affiliate 2024
Lawrence Glatz [email protected] AHUM LANG 2025
Krista Griffin [email protected] SOSC SOE/TED1 2024
Chris Harder [email protected] MASC MAST 2024
Tina Herring [email protected] SOSC SOE/TED2 2024
April Hill [email protected] MASC CHEM 2024
Katherine Hill [email protected] MASC PSYC 2025
Deborah Horan [email protected] SOSC SOE/TED1 2024
Brian Hutchinson [email protected] AHUM PHI 2024
Eric James [email protected] SOSC COMM 2025
Matt Jenkins [email protected] AHUM ART 2024
Uwe Kackstaetter [email protected] MASC EAS 2024
Brenden Kendall [email protected] SOSC COMM 2025
Chad Kendall [email protected] ASC AVS 2025
Kristina Kesselring [email protected] BUS ACC 2024
Kimberly Klimek [email protected] AHUM HIS 2024
Jason Kolts [email protected] MASC BIO 2025
Alex Komodore [email protected]  AHUM MUS 2025
Dagmar Kress [email protected]  ASC AVS 2025
Cynthia Kuhn [email protected] AHUM ENG 2025
Brian Lambert [email protected] BUS CIS 2025
Laurel Lane [email protected] BUS MKT 2024
Yanxi Li [email protected] MASC MAST 2025
Christopher Looby [email protected] HEALTH HEP/Affiliate 2024
Jade Luiz [email protected] SOSC SOAN 2025
Elizabeth Macy [email protected] AHUM MUS 2025
Matthew Maher [email protected] AHUM HIS 2024
Edgar Maldonado [email protected] BUS CIS 2024
Seth Mallet [email protected] ASC EAET 2024
Melissa Masters [email protected] CHAS NUT 2025
Patty McKenna [email protected] MASC MAST 2025
Christopher Meloche [email protected] MASC BIO 2024
Leslie Merrill Schmidt [email protected] AHUM THAD/At-Large 2024
Jason Miller [email protected] AHUM ENG 2025
Daniel Moore [email protected] SOSC TED3 2025
Laura Montero [email protected] HEALTH SWK 2025
Erin Murray [email protected] HEALTH NUT 2024
Jim Murphy [email protected] BUS ACC 2024
Odon Musimbi [email protected] ASC EAET 2025
Rebecca Nemec [email protected] HEALTH NUR 2024
Sam Ng [email protected] MASC EAS 2025
Ann Obermann [email protected] HEALTH SWK/Faculty Trustee 2024
Lisa Ortiz [email protected] SOSC JMP 2025
Julia Pace Mitchell [email protected] AHUM THAD 2024
Jeffrey Parker [email protected] AHUM THAD 2024
Dan Pittman [email protected] ASC CS 2024
Vincent Piturro [email protected] AHUM ENG 2024
Paris Prestridge [email protected]  HEALTH HEP 2025
Andreea Prundeanu-Thrower [email protected] AHUM LANG 2024
Maria Quijada [email protected] BUS MGT 2025
Chandler Reilly [email protected] BUS ECO 2025
Sanaa Riaz [email protected] SOSC SOAN 2025
Jason Rose [email protected] Health HSC 2025
Alfredo Sanchez [email protected] SOSC JMP 2024
Bob Schatz [email protected] MASC PSYC 2024
Peter Schimpf [email protected] AHUM MUS 2024
Kathryn Schmidt [email protected]  AHUM PHI 2025
Arlene Sgoutas [email protected]  AHUM CFAC Rep 2023/fall
Kiyan Shafieizadeh [email protected]  ASC SOH 2025
Shalini Srinivasan [email protected]  MASC CHEM 2024
Lyudmyla Starostyuk [email protected] BUS CIS 2024
Eileen Starr [email protected] HEALTH SWK 2024
Lisa Suter [email protected] AHUM ENG 2024
Hayden Swisher [email protected] MASC CHEM 2025
Andrew Thangasamy [email protected] SOSC PSC 2024
Garvita Thareja [email protected] HEALTH HEP 2025
Summer Trentin [email protected] HUM ART 2025
J. Renee Trombley [email protected] ASC CJC 2025
Ben Thompson [email protected] HEALTH ESS 2025
Michele Trujillo [email protected] SOSC SOE/TED2 2024
Elisa Varela [email protected] COMM SOSC 2024
Richard Wagner [email protected] MASC EAS 2023/Fall
Marcia Walsh-Aziz [email protected] HEALTH SLHS 2025
John Wanberg [email protected] ASC IND 2025
Devon Wright [email protected] SOSC AFS 2025
Adriann Wycoff [email protected] SOSC CHS 2025
David Yee [email protected] AHUM HIS 2024
Xiaohui You [email protected] HEALTH HEP 2024


Note on Faculty Senate Organization

The Faculty Senate, as per bylaws changes approved in 2014-2015, is organized by caucuses defined by principal academic subdivisions.  This structure will allow the Senate to react more nimbly to changes in the University structure as new schools and colleges are added. The new bylaws also include an automatic adjustment formula for changing the membership of the caucuses to ensure that the caucuses are of roughly equivalent size.

The current principal academic subdivisions are:

  • Arts and Humanities (AHUM)
  • Applied Sciences (ASC)
  • Business (BUS)
  • Health (HEALTH)
  • Math & Sciences (MASC)
  • Social Sciences (SOSC)

This structure is for internal Senate organization and does not affect the organization of schools and colleges under Academic Affairs.