Are you prepared?

  • Emergencies can range from severe weather, fire, suspicious objects and people to a bomb threat or active shooter. It is crucial for you to get familiar with not only the Auraria Campus Emergency Procedures, but also your department’s emergency procedures in the case an emergency should occur.
  • Click to download the Departmental Emergency Procedures Plan Template . This document helps MSU Denver departments to develop a solid plan of action for shelter, evacuations, rally points, and emergency contact lists in crisis situations.
  • If you would like assistance with developing your Departmental Emergency Procedures Plan, please feel free to contact the Emergency Preparedness Manager at 303-913-5555

Safety and Awareness Tips

Check out the ACPD’s top 10 safety recommendations as well as helpful videos and resources related to emergency preparedness, emergency notifications, reporting suspicious activity and more.

Also, remember that campus community members are never expected to intervene in a potential safety or security situation. However, if you encounter any person or activity in your space that doesn’t align with regular operations or planned construction activities, please contact the ACPD to report building-security concerns:

Emergency dispatch: 303-556-5000

Emergency from a campus phone: 911

Text-a-Tip: 720-593-TIPS (8477)

Campus Information Hotline: 1-877-556-EMER (3637)

For general questions, see the ACPD’s contact information.

Other Ways to Support Campus Safety:

While the impulse to hold open doors for others is admirable, please do so only for people you know to be students or employees.

Rely on the University’s official communication channels and share only verified information.

The Early Bird, the MSU Denver Office of Facilities webpage and the AHEC website will remain the official communication channels regarding campus safety, construction and operations. If you encounter information that has not been verified or shared through these channels, please follow up with questions so we can ensure accuracy.

If you have suggestions for improving campus safety and security, please share them via the President’s Idea Catcher.

Information and Staying Informed

How do I report an emergency?

  • Call 911 from a campus phone
  • Call 303-556-5000 from a cell phone
  • Text-a-Tip to 720-593-8477
  • Crime reporting is an important part of the Auraria Campus Police Department’s ability to prevent and investigate incidents, as well as maintain a safe campus community.

Campus Emergency Notifications

  • During an emergency or to notify the community of closures, the Auraria Campus utilizes a text, email, and voice messaging system called Rave to deliver important information to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Visit this Rave webpage to register, review, and/or update your information. Log in using your MSU Denver email address and your Rave password. Use the “forgot password” link if you have issues logging in

Safety Events and Trainings