ALERT: Tivoli Building – December 6, 2023

Denver Water Main Break on West Side of Tivoli Dec. 6. Get the latest info here.

The Spruce parking lot will be closed starting Sunday, Dec. 10, and will be closed for 2-3 days. Check for updates HERE


MSU Denver and the Auraria Campus facilities are operating normally.  

Visit the MSU Denver Facilities homepage for specific information about MSU Denver building hours, requesting space and more.  

Visit the AHEC Facilities webpage for more on shared campus building maintenance, grounds, and utilities.

SIM LAB Construction Wayfinding

Click on links below to view maps

1st Floor West Map – Bottom of Stairwell

2nd Floor West Map – Central Adjacent

2nd Floor West Map – Nursing Arts Adjacent

2nd Floor West Map – WC 262 Arts Adjacent

Building Access Pilot Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is AHEC moving to badge access only for the West and Central Classroom buildings?
    • Employees and students have expressed safety concerns about people entering these buildings who do not have business with the University. Moving to badge access with one designated entrance in each building that is periodically monitored will ensure that staff and students have full entry to the places where they work and learn, while providing secure and streamlined access to University guests, contractors, etc.
  • Which exterior doors will be periodically monitored and during what times?
    • Central Classroom Building monitored entrance: Southeast door, facing the courtyard
    • West Classroom Building monitored entrance: Doorway located underneath the second-level walkway between West Classroom Building and Arts Building.
    • Doors will only be monitored near the beginning of courses and will not be fully staffed.
  • Will the monitored exterior doors be marked?
    • Signs will be posted on all exterior doors for both buildings directing visitors to the monitored entrances.
  • Are the monitored exterior doors Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)-accessible?
    • Yes, all of the exterior badge-access entry doors for the Central and West Classroom buildings are ADA-accessible with ramps and door-opening buttons.
  • Will badges from the University of Colorado Denver and Community College of Denver work?
    • Yes, all institutional badges will work on doors to shared buildings. These institutions will also be fully informed of the pilot program.
  • How long will this pilot program last?
    • The program will continue through the summer semester.
  • What is the building-access plan for the fall semester?
    • A follow-up communication, including a building-access plan, will be distributed to employees and students nearer to the beginning of the fall semester.
  • I have a guest speaker or visitor coming to my class. How should I direct them to access the building?
    • You can meet your guest at any exterior door and escort them inside or direct them to the building’s monitored entrance.
  • Will any other campus buildings be affected?
    • The pilot program will focus only on the West and Central Classroom buildings. However, the Jordan Student Success Building has also moved to badge access only except for the staffed main entrance.

Badge questions

  • How and where do I get a badge?
    • Employees who do not already have an MSU Denver ID must send a photo and their 900 number to the ID Center at [email protected] to have their ID produced. Once it is printed, the employee must pick up their ID at the ID Station in Tivoli Student Union Room 105.
  • Do I have to pay for my badge?
    • The institution covers only the cost of one initial ID. Any students or employees who already have an ID in the AHEC system will have to pay $24 for a replacement card if their original ID is lost or stolen. The form for authorized payment can be used if an office or department chooses to cover the fee: Download Auraria Campus ID Authorization Form
  • What if my badge isn’t working properly or I can’t access the building I need?
    • Each MSU Denver department has a representative (Designated Signing Authority) who coordinates and submits requests for employee access. Please ask your office administrator for this information. If this information is not available, contact us at [email protected]. If you would like to request a physical office key, please visit AHEC Access Control.
  • Can I still access the West or Central Classroom building if I forget my badge?
    • A flyer will be posted on all exterior doors directing people to the staffed entrances.
  • Will this pilot program affect any interior doors in the West and Central Classroom buildings?
    • The pilot program will focus on exterior doors only. This should not impact interior accessibility.