In response to a growing need to improve the visibility for new departments and/or programs, Metropolitan State University of Denver’s new Department Logo System 2022 features the department name more prominently within the logo configuration.

Additionally, each department logo is now preceded by the Abbreviated Logo: “MSU Denver” (as opposed to the University Full-Name Logo). By doing so, this makes clear the ownership of each department. Furthermore, it promotes the “MSU Denver” moniker when viewed by our various audiences. The same principle applies to College/School logos. 

College, department and program (academic and University-support) logos benefit their respective departments/programs by allowing each to better promote itself through a unique yet uniformly branded appearance. Each department/program logo includes its most immediate parententity name in smaller text for increased clarity as to its hierarchic organization. This feature, however, is optional and is easily removable with two clicks. Additionally, each department/program logo is available in Horizontal and Vertical forms. Select which format best suits the display area.    

University Communications and Marketing has proactively updated and added over 170 college and department logos to the new system, and they are available to download from the Logo SharePoint library. Anyone with an email address can access these via the Marketing Toolkit. If you have questions or need guidance using the Toolkit, please submit your request to the Client Services intake form.