Metropolitan State University of Denver could not meet its mission without the invaluable efforts and support of student employees. The University employs nearly 900 students who fill critical roles and provide meaningful ideas and perspectives to their teams. 

Here are some ideas to ensure that MSU Denver’s top-notch student employees feel honored and appreciated this week and throughout the year: 

  • A sincere thank you. 
    • Send a card around the office and ask team members to write about a specific quality they value in the student employee or an example of when the student employee impressed them with their skill, dedication, etc. 
    • Develop a recognition program for student employees who are doing a fantastic job or for exceptional attendance. 
    • Establish a student-employee bulletin board with pictures and bios of student employees in the department and public recognition of their accomplishments in and out of the office. 
  • Some MSU Denver swag.
    • Stop by the Campus Bookstore or go online to purchase a Rowdy recognition gift for your student employee.  
  • A letter of reference.
    • Offer to provide a letter of reference outlining all the meaningful ways the student employee has grown professionally and contributed to important projects and initiatives.
  •  Opportunities for professional development.
  • Valuable projects that align with their area of study.
    • Ensure that they have opportunities to put their classroom learning experiences into practice and ask for their input on projects and initiatives.  
  • Help prepare them for the next step.
    • Introduce student employees, especially those preparing to graduate, to the many resources available through the Classroom to Career Hub.