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Cybersecurity Education Diversity Initiative Coalition


On October 5th of 2020, MSU Denver’s Office of Sponsored Research and Programs OSRP fully executed a sub-award between the National Security Administration (NCAE-C) and MSU Denver. The NCAE-C C.E.D.I. Grant Sub Investigators of the funded grant proposal are Dr. Jeff London and Dr. Steve Beaty. As a result, MSU Denver becomes the most recent Minority-Serving Institution to join NCAE-C’s Cybersecurity Education Diversity Initiative Coalition (CEDI).

The coalition is composed of a diverse set of eleven colleges and universities. The eleven schools that make up the NCAE-C CEDI community are as follows.

  1. Fordham University

  2. Excelsior College

  3. Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

  4. Metropolitan State University of Denver

  5. Bluegrass Community and Technical College

  6. North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

  7. New Jersey City University

  8. University of North Florida

  9. Tennessee Tech University

  10. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

  11. The University of North Texas.

Please see Fordham University News for more details about the overall award.




According to Dr. London, “MSU Denver’s CEDI award will help facilitate Colorado partnerships between MSU Denver, Mountain West Cybersecurity Consortium (MWCC) , and the Colorado Department of Education (CDHE). As a result, MSU Denver will help to lead the way with MWCC and CDHE. We are excited that additional cybersecurity professors and students of Colorado will be better equipped to usher in the next generation of cybersecurity experts and industry professionals. Diversifying this field of industry experts is what MSU Denver is all about.”


For more information about the grant from the DoD and the NCAE-C, please see: CEDI Fact Sheet



MSU Denver is pleased to be partnering with the following schools and organizations to bring the CEDI grant to fruition.


CyberPatriot Beaty and London Coac



Some resources that might be valuable for our CEDI partners and people interested in cybersecurity in Colorado.