MSU Denver computer science is proud to have graduated over 1,300 students through the years. Our alumni are an integral part of most of the high-tech companies in Colorado and beyond. We have a LinkedIn group ( and encourage our alumni to participate.

We have several different ways to contribute financially that helps support our department, students, and faculty (

We also encourage alumni to contribute their stories here or do guest presentations for the benefit of current

students. Contact the chair ([email protected]) for more information.

Please see recent news from “Davidson’s Desk”

Alumni Resources

The Office of Alumni Relations at MSU Denver provides career counseling services for all MSU Denver graduates including those who graduated more than one year ago. To schedule your appointment, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 303-615-0055.

Please visit Alumni Relations Career Support for more information.

The C2Hub will provide assistance for one year post-graduation. Within that one year, one can still use the MSU Denver email address to access Career Link, which is where all the jobs and internships are posted.

Alumni who graduated more than one year ago can still utilize several of our services and programs, except for career counseling appointments and career assessments. We may be able to connect them to employers if they have specific interests that match to what an employer is looking for at the time.

Please Visit C2Hub for more information.